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Anybody do the 1900 or 737 sim class yet? Did you find it to be worth it and how much did it cost? I'm signed up to do the 1900 sim in the spring and was wondering what to expect.

I did the 1900 over the summer. the cost was 1200ish for the 2 credits and at the time 4000 for the sim sessions. It may be higher now because there are 6 sessions instead of 5. ( i may have been the first and last group to get 6 for 5).

I have the 737 now--1200 foir the credits and 5000 for the 4 sim sessions.

Go into the AFSC building and ask....the woman who schedules the sim sessions is smokin hot. Plus you should reg early if you know you have to take it anyway, the classes fill quickly.

And do a search on "Beech 1900" in the general forum...i gave a long run down on it when i completed the course.