What's the highest you've been?


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...while at the controls. Just curious is all.

Me; 12,500' MSL. It didn't make much sense to demand that from a single O-320, but the view was nice.


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I guess I'm the low one of the group only 10K..even that took forever stupid cherokee.


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Oh... :(

I had a story all ready to go from my 21st BDay, but I guess it'll have to wait for a different thread.

Damn misleading Titles.


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This one time I was in college...

Probably in the back of some other space ship. Highest Iv been at the controls is 37,000 ft. Anything above that is "outer space"!


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14,000 in a C-182 when I was flying jumpers, and I only stopped climbing because I didn't have oxygen with me. It was a cold winter day and I had the bare minimums for fuel, so I was still getting a 200 fpm climb out of the thing.

Also taken many piston singles (including my C-140!) and light twins to the 13,500 range on different occasions for various reasons.

Scheduled to take an SR-22 Turbo in to the flight levels next week also, weather permitting.


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That was just a random trip out and I wanted to see how high I had to go to get above the haze. Have had no real reason to go above 5k.


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Rolling Stones concert. Steel Wheels, 1989.

I was at the controls of this magnificent bong...


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Lear 40XR coming home from the west coast, requested a block altitude to FL510 and let her climb slowly while maintaining about Mach 0.80. We were just shy of FL500 when ATC started us back down. We had some information from the schoolhouse that suggested this profile was very efficient - max cruise power, maintain max forward speed, and take whatever climb performance the excess power provides. Interesting experiment, but we didn't see enough benefit to warrant going above FL430 in the future except to top the weather. I've been to FL470 a hand full of times for just that reason.

I'm not a big fan of being that high by the way.