Philly anyone?


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Anyone going to be in Philly over the weekend? I've got a 5 day trip starting tomorrow the 29th till Feb. 2nd. If anyone's gonna be around let me know!
I'm gonna be just down the road in Wilmington, DE on 2/1. Just dropping someone off I think, so not sure yet how long I'll be sticking around...
Yeah, I'm actually dropping in Wilmington and Staying in Philly. Well, If you end up staying, let me know.
Well its just me, myself, and I flying back, so I don't have to be on any kind of schedule. If you can make it down to Wilmington, let me know- I'd be up for something. Or maybe I could snag a crew-car and meet you halfway.
I won't be up in Wilmington, but I can recommend a couple places to eat. If you'll be around for the Super Bowl then try Damons which is on the feild next to the main terminal. They have 5 HUGE screens in a big dinning room and speakers at each booth. Don't know if either of you are farmiler with it but they have one of those Air Transport Command resturants on the feild which I've heard is excelent. If you want somthing off feild just ask.
I'm up in New Hampshire at school. Otherwise, I'd be home. Where are you flying into? Oh well, maybe next time.

Yeah ESF,

Let me know, we could figure something out.

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Will do. I'll shoot you a PM in a day or two. Its going to be somewhat WX-dependent- no deice.
To respond:............

Nick, I'm flying into Wilmington, staying in Philly.

ESF, sounds good man, let me know.

SkyGirl, ok. Let me know your plans. The airplane will be in Wilmington though, so it'll just be me if we meet up in Philly.
this is superbowl weekend?

have I been in my Gleim book for too long!?

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DOPE!!(as in the simpsons, not de drug)