30 day trip


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I seen this somewhere, but somehow two guys flew a Cessna for 30 days without ever touching the ground. I do not know how they did it, but I guess they did. If anyone has any information on this reply. Thanks
Yeah I heard about that. What he would do is, there were two of them, and one would fly at 60 mph over a car doing 60 and the other guy would jump down and get a container of fuel. Then he would climb back into the aircraft and pour the fuel into a tank in the back of the aircraft.
Sounds easy enough..
30 days, at 24 hours a day, is 720 hours of continuous flying. If it was a rental airplane, the guy will be a little late on his 100 hour inspection when he finally lands!
Back in the '20s or 30s, an endurance record was set by refueling via a long hose from another aircraft. I believe that they had a platform that they could stand on to maintain the engines in flight and add oil. That probably wouldn't work with a 172 though.
What about oil? Sounds unbelieveable to me too.

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How do you think they add oil on overseas flights in piston aircraft?

Well, there is a tube that runs from the engine compartment into the cabin. Then you are able to add oil when needed.
I remember watching a TV program about a record setting flight like that which took place in the earlier days of aviation, can't remember the details though.
Not to bust any chops here, but rental airplanes don't need 100 hour inspections.
91.409 "no person may operate an aircraft carrying any person (other than a crewmember) for hire , and no person may give flight instruction for hire in an aircraft which that person provides, unless within the preceding 100 hours of time in service the aircraft has received an annual or 100-hour inspection and been approved for return to service"
Rental is not for hire.

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I agree. It would be for hire if the aircraft is rented with an instructor or pilot provided.
The 100hr rule also does not apply if you own the airplane. We have our arrow on leaseback at our local airport, and I usually go on a trip whenever the plane is going out of 100hr. The reason I do this is while the plane is in 100hr. Any tach time that my family puts on it counts toward when it needs its 100hr based on being a for hire airplane. So at $1000 a 100hr for our arrow, it breaks down to $10 an hour for the 100hr. while the plane is out of 100hr, my family can still fly our plane, and our variable cost(cost per hour) for the plane is essentially $10 an hour cheaper. Considering the fact that we fly the plane(between 3 pilot family members) about 300 to 400 hours a year, any time we can get for $10 dollars an hour cheaper can add up pretty quick.
When you stooges go to Vegas, take some time to visit the museum on the second floor over Baggage Claim. There are displays for aeronautical history of the desert, including the plane that set an endurance record. It was shy of 65 days when they decided to land (some silly thing about going deaf and crazy and increasing oil consumption).