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Who Wants to Win The Lotto?


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They said I was over Mcqualified. I said, well look who gets the better deal then.


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That would be my dream job! I love McDonald's (both their stock and cheeseburgers!!!). Hope to be a future McPilot once qualified many moons from now. :rawk:


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I spoke with one of their A&P's yesterday. One pilot left for another job, from my understanding not all of the pilots play nice together.

One flight crew way programing the FMS on the Challenger so I was able to go up into the Global Express. Nice to say the least, however, I think I like the Challenger better. The Global just got back from a non-stop from Tokyo!

The planes right now are 4 years old and they will be changing them out with in the next 18 months. According to the A&P, they don't like their aircraft to be more than 5 years old. Soooo...........you'll be on new equipment which would be nice.


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I wonder if there's some kind of employee discount. A Big Mac for a dollar would be amazing :D:p:drool: