Who got hired since working @ ATP


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I am curious if anyone exists to tell where you got hired after instructing at ATP. A lot of people are instructors and talk about the multi time being great on the resume but I was just wondering who has used that to get a job? I am not knocking it rather just trying to solidify what everyone is quoting about ATP. I would like to attend if it will work out and as I move forward with my plans I want to be sure I know what I am getting into. So again, who has instructed for ATP, then moved on to get a job that they wanted and can say it was the 1000hrs ATP gave them in multi that got them the job over someone else with less multi. ? For that sake who went on to get a job elsewhere? What did you do after instructing at ATP?
Wow, that's not encouraging. No one has replied for 5 weeks. Maybe their too busy flying for the regionals to respond now.
I have worked at ATP twice. Once pre- 9/11 I got hired by Continental Express. After 10 months there I got furloughed and worked for ATP again in Bowling Green, KY. I just got hired by Chautauqua and start on Nov. 7. I got hired at CHQ because Jim K. walked my resume in and got me the interview. By the way, my times when hired at CHQ were 1300 total and 1100 multi.
Good luck to all of you.

Michael Knight

p.s. Doug--once again, what a great site you run.