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Today was a gorgeous VFR day - severe clear. I was supposed to be flying the Archer. I got it all preflighted and topped off and the stupid thing wouldn't start !!!!

I've had trouble starting this aircraft in the past when it's been very cold, but this time it had been sitting in a heated hangar for 3 weeks. There was absolutely no reason why it shouldn't have started. I'm guessing that there's something wrong with the battery in there, or there's some faulty electric drain.

The guy at the FBO was not helpful at all. I asked him for help and he was like "Well, what do you want me to do about it?" I was lost for words! I asked him if the Warrior was available, and he said that he didn't know where the plane was! How could you not know??? What an idiot!

I was very bummed today as I saw lots of aircraft taking off into the blue sky. I had my friend with me, with his camcorder, all raring to go, so he was bummed too. My son was looking forward to the trip - he was singing "We're going in a Piper!" all the way to the airport, so of course he was upset when I told him that it was a no-go.

That FBO may well be losing my business. Grrrr I'm frustrated !!!
Nice customer service model.
Is it just me or has the whole General Aviation industry gone rapidly downhill? Yeah I know insurance premiums are sky high, and business is slow, but come on!..That's even more reason to boost customer service to win business and keep existing business. Common sense I would think.

I just don't get it.
Agree much in GA has seemingly gone downhill. At least I'd think that a GA FBO (not necessarily a corporate FBO, but the standard one that rents planes, sells avgas, has flight instruction) would try to be as personable as possible, most especially if they aren't the only game on the airfield, so to speak.

It's as if what you describe is them not caring about getting business. IMO, FBOs are in a perilous position these days (as is GA as a whole) and ought to be thankful for the business/customers they do have.

I feel you pain. Come on over to T-bird it's closer to home for you and in the 2 years I have been there, not once have I had an issue with a plane not being available.

check your pm's

Thanks for the words of encouragement, fly4free. Check your PMs too !

MikeD - I agree 101% !!!
Some are better some are worse.

Tip for ya. Next time ask for pre-heat. Your plugs probably iced over on the first crank.
I dont think this incident had anything to do with the FBO. If it was just a line guy, they are notorious for not giving a rats ass. I would take it up with management and see what they say. I highly doubt they condone that sort of attitude in their business. If you realize that the management has the same sort of position, well, you know who not to give your money to anymore.