Just wanted to say Hi.


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Well I am new here and just wanted to say hi. My name is Josh and I wam 18. Just got my Private on the 5th of April. have been hanging around here for a while and finally decided to register. Well my plans are to start IFR and I will be graduating from High SChool in about 16 or 17 days, then off to MTSU.
-Josh- Oh by the way I fly a tiny 172 SP
Hey Josh

Im also 18 about 8 hours away from my private. I plan to go to UND and I fly a little piper warrior.

what are plans in aviation. I hope to become a pilot for the majors.
Yeah I want to be a pilot in the majors also. But right now just waiting for my CFI to finish her II.
Welcome and congratulations
Wecome to all you newbies! Hopefully you are more receptive than Al is. You've come to the best airline pilot wannabes site on the WWW!
Geeze, Al starts one thread and he's frikin' famous, or should I say notorious. Anyway, welcome Josh, and good luck with your flying career.