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I let my subscription to climto350 expire about a year and a half ago. I have a pretty good job, and am not really looking to leave, but just looking to see what is out there. (I am always looking for a better job!) I still look at a few free sites about once a week or so, but haven't seen a lot out there and I am wondering if there are opportunities I may be missing by being too cheap to subscribe.

Do any of you guys that subscribe to any jobs boards see any descent jobs out there that you don't see anywhere else? Is there a site better than climbto350 for corporate/charter jobs? With as few jobs as there are right now with as many pilots looking, do you think it is worth the money to subscribe to climbto350 or smiliar website?

350 seems to be pretty good and has jobs I don't see posted elsewhere. Find-a-Pilot has some interesting teasers but I don't subscribe so I don't know any specifics.

Isn't your subscription tax deductible ? That helps a bit.
Ya know, what I have found out is the best "job board" are companies within the industry. Alot of times they have the information on who is looking, or who WILL be looking for new FO's, CA's, in the biz. Heck, I bet you could call the CP of an OP and he would give you info.

As far as those published boards, i use, but it seems that most of those jobs are humped prior to them even being released.
I just reactived my 350 account, and so far I have not seen anything on there that I'm interested in throwing a resume to.

It's ugly out here! But I do think it's worth the money just in case something does come up.
I wonder if the jobs boards employees might monitor forums looking for hiring news, cause I griped 350 was recycling posts from companies that had moved operations and addresses to different airports well over 15 months previously.
350 stopped that, but now the trend is to post either overseas jobs in all sorts of heavies or confidential posts or dispatch jobs, A& P and Rotary wings positions.
I haven't noticed much around out there that this forum doesn't cover in it's 'jobs available' section.
It's hard to tell what these jobs boards are up to. I see one of them posting jobs for USAir, DL and UAL. They have to be kidding.

Seems to me that one has to cruise all the boards possible...cast the widest net. Of course, if pay sites are included in the net, there is a limit. One of them is probably all you need.
Seems like an easy way to make money. Please send me your money and I will send you the jobs I come across as well! I am righteous. :D No pay no play! I don't care about the aviation community at all. All of you that are suffering please send me a check so I can help!
I've found that if you see a posting on a job board it is because the company hasn't been able to find someone, they want a lot of applicants, or they haven't stopped advertising on that site though they are no longer hiring. Whether or not those job boards are good leads, IMO having a subscription doesn't dramatically improve your chances of finding a job. At least in my experience, it's been that way. I've had 9 aviation related jobs. I got one by applying after seeing a wanted banner on the street. The rest were a result of either being referred by someone from the inside or making a lateral move within a company. I would say personal networking is hands down the most rewarding tool you can have.
I would say personal networking is hands down the most rewarding tool you can have.


Which is why THIS site is so crucial. For me, about the only thing I'd be looking at on climbto350 is int'l stuff. The corporate stuff is gonna be LONG gone through personal networking before it gets close to the job board stage. The airline stuff I either don't qualify for yet, or they want time in type on an Airbus/Boeing, which I don't have.

I keep seeing news articles and television reports on how one of the reasons why people are having trouble finding jobs in this economy is b/c they don't leave their houses. They look on the net and the newspaper and call it a day. Before the internet, people would go to job fairs or support groups. Through those, they would meet other people and trade information. That's not happening right now. At least, not as much as it used to.
Noticed a rather direct warning on about repeating/using any of their job postings in other places.

It wouldn't have occurred to me that info from a free website would involve copyrights and couldn't be mentioned elsewhere. But, if that's the rules of the game...that's the rules of the game. Who knew ? So much to little time.
I don't think I'll be renewing my 350 subscription. Not because I'm 100% thrilled with what I'm doing now, but because it doesn't seem like I'm qualified for many of the jobs posted there anyway. I'm not an A&P, not moving to India and not typed in the GV with 15 shuttle landings.

IMO, for the money there are better sites out there with job postings. Some are even free.

-mini $14.95/month, $59.00/year

This is probably the most popular of all aviation job boards. But, unless you have thousands of hours, a few types ratings and the willingness to move oversees, Climbto350 might be a good deal for you. Too many overseas jobs posted on there, several of them are re-posted a few times a week. Once in a while you get a CFI or Pt. 135 job posting, but it’s not worth the money. You can find the job posting on other “free” sites. I used to have an account there when I first got my CFI ratings a few years ago, and I actually found a job through the web site, but I still had to fax my resume to the company. I signed up again this month because I am furloughed, and I already canceled my subscription. Not worth it. $14.95/month, $98.00/year

One of my friends loaned me his login a while back to give this site a test drive. It is the same monthly price as Site is updated on a daily basis, didn’t come across any recycled ads, and the job postings range from low time to high time. I found this site a much better investment and more useful than

Find-A-Pilot: $7.99/month; $59.00/year (Private Listing)

This once used to be a great Free site, but they have joined the bandwagon of charging pilots to view jobs. I have seen a few interesting job listings on this site that I haven’t seen on other job boards. They are also starting to post more overseas jobs now. The monthly price for a private listing is still affordable, but they don’t post as many jobs as other job boards, however you get a few added benefits such as a searchable profile, resume uploads, availability calendar, etc. Great site for contract pilots! Lately I’ve seen a few low time pilots (200-400 hrs) paying for a premium listing. Waste of money if you ask me, you are competing with a lot of highly qualified individuals in this economy right now. Free offers free access for pilot employers and pilots. Site is not updated as fast and as often, and I have found several recycled ads on there and job postings of companies that are not hiring. I have also noticed a lot of the same jobs posted that are posted on USPilot does offer a “one-click” apply feature, but I wouldn’t trust it. Best thing to do, if you see a job posted on USPilot, go to the actual company web site and look under the Careers section to see if they are actually hiring!

Jetcareers: Free

This is your best bet! It is free, and if someone knows of a job they will post it, whether is it within their own company or something they have seen on one of the job boards mentioned above.

Personally, I find it disgusting having to pay to view a job listing or career fair.
Personally, I find it disgusting having to pay to view a job listing or career fair.

Yep, have to agree. But, life is messy. But, there are lots and lots of free websites and many of the jobs appear on more than one site, particularly the int'l jobs.

Don't be discouraged about not having the quals at the moment that these companies want; you will at some point.

There is an educational aspect to reviewing these sites. You need to know what you're up against in the route to a career position and should cast a wide enough net to consider work outside the CONUS even if only for a few years.
It's all networking.

Trust me.

I wouldn't pay for a job website at all because it's throwing away money.

Your best bet on securing employment is getting a wide network created by attending meet 'n greets, act like the kind of guy that you'd want to help out and make lots of telephone calls, "buy ya a coffee's" and whatnot and you will get a job.

Most of the time, if you see a job pop up, chances are it's already been filled, or you're one of six trillion resumes.

Put the credit cards away, troll the free internet, get off your duff, shake some hands, share some beers, drop by for a tour of the office or coffee with an employed buddy and you will find employment.
Thanks for all the replies. You all pretty much re-affirmed what I was thinking already. I had a subscription to 350 a while back, and didn't get my current (or any other) job from having paid for the subscription. I do like to know what is out there, but I think I can have just a good measure of that from the free sites I look at and the people I know.
Seems like an easy way to make money. Please send me your money and I will send you the jobs I come across as well! I am righteous. :D No pay no play! I don't care about the aviation community at all. All of you that are suffering please send me a check so I can help!

I just wanna come across clear here and add this :sarcasm:!