Is there anyone that is attending or has recently finishes airstage II?


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Has anyone finished airstage II recently out there? I'm very curious to see how the regional hiring is going from ATA. They make profound claims in their mailer. "Be hired with only 400 hours, and you don't have to become a flight instructor." Sounds great, but don't you need CFI's to get your ATP eventually? I'm just wondering what happens to the students when they finally finsh the program. Do they actually get jobs or do they drop another $10 - $15K to get their CFI ratings so they can get a job?If anyone has experience with this recently, I'd love to know. Thanks.
you can get your instructor ratings before you go to airstage2 for $5K. they are just coming out with an airstage3. it is 3 months with 300 hours of ME turbine time for another $10K. and bridge programs from three other regionals.
The question remains, What happens to students who don't get their CFI's and finish airstage II with only 400 hours. Are the regionals hiring them like they say they are? It's nice that you can get your CFI ratings before airstage II like most schools, but they say you can bypass being an instructor and can be flying with only 400 hours. Are these students being left behind and in turn getting those instructor ratings so they can have an aviation job?
i would like to here from some students also. i guess there is only one that posts at this board. and he graduated before sept. 11. they say that there is over 200 students enrolled there. you would think at least one knows of this board.
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Sounds great, but don't you need CFI's to get your ATP eventually?

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Getting the ATP certificate is not related to having a CFI certificate or not.
Oh. I was under the impression that you needed some sort of CFI along with the 1500 hours, being 23, and some other night time and cross country requirements.
Sounds like you got it right, 1500TT, certain number of X-C hours, etc., just that the CFI is not related. If you meet the hour requirements in each category for the ATP (specified in FAR Part 61), then that's it (along with taking the Oral/Practical Test, of course). The FARs also state that you "must be of good moral character."

Oh, you must already have a Commercial Certificate and Instrument Rating, maybe that's what you were thinking of?
I don't know. I saw on a website with requirements for each rating and CFI was stated for the ATP. Maybe it was a misprint. Thanks for clearing that up for me Martin.
A bunch of students recently went off to ACA as interns with the promise of the first jobs that come along as FO new hires. You need to rack up an extra 200 hours to go to ACA with the current program so most students finish ASII and then sit in the C152 w another to build those hours.

The programs OK but it is taking a lot longer than we were expecting. I started in October last year w zero hours and about 1/3 of the way through my multi comm now and expect ASII to take another 4-6 months when I'm done as they just changed a bunch of the rules due to class sizes.

Other than that, if you have the patience you will probably get where you paid to go.