is ATA aware or this site?


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their website still shows that they are linked with American Eagle. they say that they get you flying job with less than 500 hrs.
i have tried contacting them asking if the jobs are internships and haven't heard back.
With American Eagle it is a job. You are hired as a regular First Officer. However, unfortunately Eagle will not be hiring ANYONE for a LONG time. /ubbthreads/images/icons/frown.gif
Doug looked into this for me and he found that yes they will get you a job with Eagle, but it is not a flying job. It is more like an internship, and when they start hiring FO's again, you get a shot at the job.

That's a pretty shady way to promote your school. So I am NOT going to ATA.

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I believe that you are mistaking Eagle with ACA. The ACA deal is in fact an internship, after which you may be considered for an F/O slot. The Eagle deal is/was entirely different. There is no internship with Eagle from ATA. Never was. It was a straight hiring for an F/O job. But now, as I've said, will not be happening for a long time.
I can't remember specifically if I told you they had an internship or not, but I think I suggested asking ATA if it was an internship or not.
yes you are right it is with ACA. it is an internship that takes about 2 months. they have a new program coming out with bridge programs with 3 other regionals. it gets you 700 total hours with 400 multi engine.