Fearful Passengers + Aerobatics???


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So I have a friend who is very afraid to fly. We recently went for an evening flight, and she actually enjoyed it. (It was her first flight in 8 years.) Since then she has expressed interest in flying again in the daytime "when [she] can see the ground."

I was recently discussing doing some aerobatic flights, and to my surprise, she expressed interest in coming along. While I would love to take her up for some aerobatics, I do not want to renew her fear of flying. Do I disappoint her by turning her down, or do I take her up for very light aerobatics?

At the very least, she would be able to see the ground very well inverted...

I think I would work her up to it. If she dislikes flying, tossing her cookies while inverted may not rank high or her list of things to do.
I'd say take her up, but ease her into it. Do some easy manuevers, and then tell her, what did you think? If she's uneasy, then stop, and just give her a sightseeing tour. If she says she's fine, then ask her if she wants you to do something a little more aggressive and go from there.
Gotta agree with Tony there. I wouldn't whip right into a half cuban eight-hammerhead stall-immelman-spin right off the bat. Do some chandelles and lazy eights and see how she takes those. Then try some inverted straight and level. Go from there.
I think that if someone says they want to do aerobatics, take them up and do it. It's such an awesome thing that not many people experience. I wish I could take someone from my family up and do some aerobatics with them so they can see what 6Gs is really like! Ugh!

Nick you're at PNE too?

Yeah, I think that I'll just take her up, and start really light. Do a steep turn, lazy 8, etc.. It is not a motion sickness issue, she just acquired an aversion to flying when she had to travel often. But she realizes it is irrational, and actually enjoys going up if she trusts the pilot.

It is going to be interesting explaining the parachute though. "No we PROBABLY are going to need it...but if we do..."


Well, I'm not at PNE right now, but that's where I live when I'm home. I'm at ASH until May. What type of plane are you going up in and from where?