Favorite approach Scenery wise.


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I want to know what aiport has the most scenic approach. I know your supposed to be flying the plane, but since your supposed to be looking out the window, what approach is your favorite.
two that are fairly similar. One that is no longer there Meigs Field(screw Mayor Daley) and Albert Whited (SPG) in St. Petersburg, FL. SPG is right on Tampa Bay. Another cool one is the approach to Rwy 3 or Rwy 1 at Kansas City Downtown(MKC). As you come into the airport from this side you come directly over the top of the Buildings in Downtown KC.
I'd like to hear someone like Doug tell us about the river approach to DCA. It's gorgeous looking out the window as a passenger. I wonder just how much fun it's got to be flying it.
Favorite approach is Telluride, CO. Went there this summer and man its gorgeous. I also like Lakefornt-New Orleans, though its not that scenic its a fun approach to fly over the water (unless you're in a 152).
the 35 visual into Danbury Ct is great you are flying down a valley, and looking out to the left and right you are looking into people's living rooms!
the 35 visual into Danbury Ct is great you are flying down a valley, and looking out to the left and right you are looking into people's living rooms!

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I'm sure those people are absolutley thrilled!
I've flown the river route into DCA a few times (Prior to 9-11), its fun as the flying pilot, but as the non flying pilot youre busy checking points and altitudes. I used to go into DCA about 2 times a month, and unless WX was an issue we took the helicopter, now that's fun. Also flying into Manhattan ( 30th street pad ) in the helicopter was a blast. I find any approach path over water is neat exspecially if its in the caribean.

The "funnest" approach I get to do is at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The last reporting point is 20 miles south of Gitmo and you enter the right base for rwy 10, the difference is you CAN'T over fly the "fence" located 3/4 of mile from the end of the runway, so base to final happens in that space or less. I bet its alot more fun in a big airplane like the C-141 or C-5s.
The river visual is scenic, but if you're the flying pilot, you're a little too busy thinking 'holy crap, ungh! I can't believe this is actually legal... Ungh!"

Although I shot my first Quiet Bridge visual to SFO yesterday and that was the bee's knees. Man, what a gorgeous area!
Any approach into tegucigalpa..very stunning.

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Isn't that where the AF Reserve Herk from Mitchell Field overran the runway on landing about 8 years ago?
The approach into HNL sounds like it would be gorgeous<(spelling?). Went there many years ago as a pax and was too drunk on free champagne to notice anything out the window.
There is a grass strip here in Ore at a airport called the Flying M Ranch and it is in a box canyon, very tight and unforgiving with a horse corale fence at the end of the rwy so make it right or crunch. It has a short strip, so on t/o you also have to clear the trees. But, it is beautiful to fly into or out of. Try and find it on MSflight sim, if your into it, and give it a go. Do it during the fall for those lovely colors on the mountain sides.
I personally like the ILS to TOA as dusk. If you cross seal beach you are given vectors to the approach right over the long beach harbor, with the queen mary on your right and all the city lights its just great!!!
Yeah just hope you don't have to go around... those sound police will get you and FINE you

My favorite approach is probably the airport in the sky over on Catalina Island: http://www.airliners.net/open.file/259404/M/

Notice the cliff on the approach end....

Also there's this one:

Another fun one is Santa Paula... the approach is only entered on extended downwind because of a mountain just south of the field. Downwind is flown right next to it pretty close to the field... base is a quick turn, followed by final over some trees.. fun place!


This one too
Yeah! I have flown into Glenwood a bunch, it is sweet. The first time is a bit intimidating.