College and an aviation career


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ok so I know this question has been asked many times and in many ways but here goes anyway, I am a high school student who will be enrolling in a program this fall which will allow me to do the groundschool part of the PPL along with 10-20 hours of flight time by next spring, my plan is to hopefully gain all the hours needed to get my PPL before my graduation from high school in 2005, now for my actual question should I go to college and get a degree in Aviation Science-Professional Pilot or go for something like Business or something else non-aviation. The advantage of getting a B.S. in Aviation Science is that I can do most of my training as part of my required classes needed to graduate and hopefully get my CFI, CFII, MEI and get $ and hours and and hopefully work my way from there, I have also heard that it is a good idea to get a degree in something other than aviation as a back-up the down side is that I would be going to college full time plus going on my free time to my flight training, any insight to this dilemma is much appreciated! Thanks for reading,
My advice would be to get a non-aviation degree.

Preferably, something that will pay your anticipated bills as a family man!
My recommendation is do not get an aviation degree.

For one thing, you can earn your tickets a lot cheaper from an FBO or 141 school outside your college.

Second, you need to have something to fall back if you get furloughed or if you don't find a flying job in the first place. Add to that the likelihood that, at some point, you may lose your medical and need a second career.

Third, the airlines don't care what your degree is in as long as you have one. Get it in something else that interests you. Business is a good general area that will allow you to do something beside flip burgers if for some reason you can't fly.

My degree is in Risk Management and Insurance with almost enough Finance to get a minor.
yea, originally I was thinking of going for the Aviation degree but the way that the Industry is now a back-up is certainly a good idea. As to getting all my liscenses and ratings I guess thats what summer vacations are for, anyway thanks for reading and responding to my post,
I wouldn't necessarily banish your flight training to summer. I did my private and instrument while in college (although partly in the summer). Then I got the offer of a job as CFI from my local FBO owner, so I skipped a quarter and did my commercial/CFI, then worked the rest of my way through college as a CFI.