Can To Many Planes Be Bad


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I love flying, I have been around aviation since I was born and I am almost done with school and such. And I have one question that I get a different ansewer every time. Can a young pilot that wants to fly for a living screw himself over by flying to many different types of planes? Would it be better to keep it simple for the first time and allow for interview to have less to ask you. For example, I have flown the C152,C172,C182,PA - 30, PA-44 and now a C310. I have logged enough in each to open the door for the standard questions to be asked. I know the planes, but recalling all the info off the top of my head in an interview of your life, might be hard. Let me know what you guys think.
Almost every CFI, by the time they've accumulated 1000 hours of total time, has flown a dizzying variety of airplanes. Seek (legitimate) flight time wherever you can get it. Most interviewers will ask you about the aircraft you've flown most recently and/or the largest/most complex airplanes you've flown. I'm not worried that they'll ask me a whole bunch of complicated systems questions about the Cherokee Six 260 that I have a whopping .5 in ... you shouldn't worry about that either.

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I showed up at an interview, and they asked me to name of all the planes I ever flew. I go yeah, Cessa 152,172,182,210 and Piper Cherokee, Seneca and Seminole. They go, "that's it, pretty sorry for 1800 hrs." Still got the job though.
I've been through 4 airline interviews now. Everytime they want to talk about systems they've asked me which airplane I wanted to talk about. Get as much time in any kind of airplane that you can.