Inside the sky-high world of drug-smuggling flight attendants

I assume this is near you - area where residents wanted to be just outside of Scottsdale to avoid paying city utilities/taxes and now find themselves without water.

Rio Verde has never been a part of Scottsdale. I’m not sure what their actual contractural agreement is for water, but the community of RV…..which is nothing more than a 55+ golf community……is located in the (Maricopa) County, and is the responsibility of same. Their fire department was a contract department for a very long time, then became its own fire district; and police services are by the County Sheriff’s office. As for water, with the large number of golf courses that are located there, Rio Verde uses a crap ton of water. Of course, so does Scottsdale, with it’s crap ton of golf courses from central Scottsdale northward to Carefree, Hell of alot of water usage between the two, mostly unnecessary water usage in my humble opinion having grown up there. Rio Verde, used to be the total middle of nowhere desert to go offroad driving and target shooting, back in my high school days, as well as hang out at the Verde River.

Was only a matter of time before something like this happened.