YGBSM Question


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A regional that will remain unnamed. Just called me and asked me. "Would you be willing to take an RJ course as a condition of hire?"

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I'd ask. Then I would ask why I need to take the course? Be pleasant but it might help to see where they think they see issues for your next interview.
They said because of my lack of recency.

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Well if its for the company I think it is they are having a hard time finding people to show up to class. I'd hold out before I said yes to going to a CRJ prep class on my dime with no firm job offer.
My response? " I'll be straight with you, NO I'm not willing to do that. You either think I can be successful in training or not. I assure you, having been through 121 training before, I will not come unprepared."

That was my response verbatim and we moved on from there.

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I don't think that's a big deal if they paid for it. Eagle told me the same thing and they said they would give me a class date if I passed so I did the 7 day class on their dime.
If they wanna pay for it, I am game. I'm not spending a dime on it though.

Yeah I don't blame you. You've got me curious but I'd be surprised if they wouldn't flip the bill. I mean as you already know it's a pilot's market right now with regionals handing out bonuses and having trouble filling classes.