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I’m thinking about getting vanity license plates for my truck. Anyone have any good aviation ideas? I know some people here have their own vanity plates, how about sharing.

Pilotots (Com ASEL, AMEL, CFI)
Some around here (UND) are

BCGUMP, JET A, CFII, PILTGRL, and there are plenty more, I just can't remember them all.
Well, if this is who I think it probably already know mine.

But for those who don't: LIVE2AV8 (on NY plates...because NY is the only state I've lived in that allows 8 digits).
I definately recommend asking this exact question over at Since there are more pilots over there, you could get a wide range of advice and ideas on this subject.
Don't get vanity plates. What a waste of cash. $25 or $50 that you could enjoy a lot more in other places, IMHO. Heck, that much money buys 30 minutes of flight time... arguably far superior to letters on a plate. Or that $25 or $50 could feed a kid for a month in a 3rd world country.... see

Playing devil's advocate.
My favorite is a license plate bracket that says "I don't drive too fast... I fly too low!"
Don't get vanity plates. What a waste of cash.

[/ QUOTE ]

Thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Right up there with PFT. You're telling me you don't spend $25 A YEAR on something you might want but don't need? Bull$hit.
Since when did this become a place to vote or put in suggestions for a license plate. Mannnnnn, at least ask about some cool N-numbers for an airplane.
Now I'm wasting valuable posting space for this....................
Eatsleepfly, the stupidest thing I've ever heard is someone attacking a person to defend something as utterly worthless as personalized licence plates. If I were you, I'd spend the money on a Sporty's hold-entry calculator. Now there's a worthy investment.
Who knew a call for suggestions on vanity plates could get so hotly contested!?!?

I say, if you want 'em, get 'em.

If you're looking for aviation related ones:


you get the idea
Just offering my $0.02, I apologize to EatSleepFly if I've angered or offended you!

I was just offering an alternative. Sure, I spent a lot more than $25 a year on stuff I want but don't need. I'm not saying that ANY $25 spent is a waste.

When it comes to vanity plates, though, I was suggesting other possibilities that might lead to greater happiness. I mean, wouldn't you rather take your significant other out for a decent sit-down meal one more time each year than have license plates that have a numerical ring to them?

Ultimately if one wants license plates, like chunk says, sure, go get them. It's your money. But perhaps you might realize you actually want something else more...

I was feeling ya there for a moment, but ya lost me. I had a good boom shanka chant going there and had almost visualized whirled peas, but then my dog had to go potty and rang his bell to go outside. Enlightenment will have to wait, I guess.

Sorry guys for starting a brouhaha.
The cost of a vanity plate is what it is, I spent a lot of money on flight training so hey what’s another $25, (one tenth of and hour in a Seminole) that’s only a little more than an hours work. We’ll see what I decide. Thanks for the opinions.

Look man, if you want to broadcast to everyone that you are a pilot, that is cool. I am proud of my accomplishments too. But come on, if I had a dime for every time i saw a plate that said LIV2FLY or AV8R, or something like that. I mean, let your skills speak for themselves. Those are the kind of plates that guys who just got their private get. Dont get me wrong here, I am not busting on private pilots, cause, hell, i was one myself. Just think it through.
I guess Riddle Intern sees as many in Prescott as I do in DAB...

There are a few that come to mind. One guy has the vanity plates with LIV2FLY with the "Have You Hugged a Pilot Today?" license plate frame. That's not even beginning to talk about his bumper stickers. AOPA, EAA, HUGE Riddle sticker, and about 4 or 5 other flying related ones. I dunno, maybe it looks cool in his home town, but in Daytona where there are about 3000 pilots?

I will agree with Chunk. If you want to get them, go for it.
Yeah, I sure do see them in Prescott. We have around 1000 pilots, and all too many of them flaunt the pilot thing. Dunno, I graduate soon, and I guess I am just tired of all the BS. Flying is the greatest thing in my life, but the rest of the world doesnt need to know it. Thats the way I look at it. But let them get the fancy plates if thats what they need. I guess somewhere along the lines I just realized, nobody really cares.
Now we're getting off topic, but one of the biggest ways to make a girl run for the door in Daytona is to tell her you're a pilot. (Well, maybe if she's from out of town it might work) Any self respecting local girl knows that means you:
A) are a student pilot
B) just got your PPL and think you're the bomb
C) just got your IR or CPL and think you're now 2 times cooler than choice B
D) a CFI and your idea for a date is ramen and grilled cheese

Here's my new Pledge of a Pilot: Yes, I am a pilot. Yes, I am very proud of my hard work. I will answer your questions if you present them to me. I promise not to ramble on about the ILS localizer and chord lines if you are looking at me like a student pilot who just landed at the Space Center on accident. I will only wear one kneeboard at a time and I will try not to respond to my nickname of "Iceman" or "Maverick". I will use my gloves and scarf only for cold weather. I will not wear my flight suit to a bar. (especially on ladies night) I will not use ATC phrases in normal day to day conversation (Roger honey, I'll go pick up some milk and bread) These things I will do to preserve my dignity as well as the dignity of my fellow pilots.
EDUC8-or and ERAU intern are right on,
"Flying is the greatest thing in my life, but the rest of the world doesnt need to know it...I guess somewhere along the lines I just realized, nobody really cares."
Congratulations ERAU Intern. I know airline FO's who still haven't figured this one out. Sorry if I'm being harsh, but nothing gets me going like an "I'm not driving fast, I'm flying low" or "My other car is an F-16" bumper sticker. I'm glad you're enthusiastic about flying. I myself had an AOPA sticker on my car. But when it comes right down to it, nobody cares but you. If it's just vanity, and you recognize it, fine. Get down with your bad self. Otherwise, just so you know, nobody else is impressed.
Someone who speaks my language! I wish more people looked at it this way. Inner satisfaction is what its all about, and what everyone is after. And guess what, if you really are "sierra hotel", you will know it, and you certainly wont need to advertise it.