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Just a quick post: I just got back from my tour of ATP at JAX… I got to talk to one of the students (former ERAU student) and got a lot of feedback from her, and the instructor who gave the tour answered all my questions and was very informative. Overall, I felt comfortable being there and everyone was friendly and made me felt welcomed. I didn’t get any sales pitches or angles. The program and how operations are conducted there clearly speaks for company and the quality education provided to its students.

The only thing that went bad today (Saturday) is shortly after I left Craig; I got a flat tire.
(LOL I think they have a sniper positioned in the tower at Craig to ensure the newbie students stay close to the school and I got hit due to mistaken identity.)

Overall, ATP is at the top of my short list of schools to choose.

P.S. Nice Citation!
I checked out the Manassas location back in Oct/Nov timeframe and was impressed with the information I was given...Not only was it NOT a sales pitch, the guy mentioned many times that "a lot of money is involved" and that one really needs to make sure there is a big devoted commitment to the program.

Opposed to suckering one in for the money . . . kinda scaring ya off to see if you have what it takes . . . and that's what I liked . . . it wasn't a hey, we'll take everyone who wants to spend money, we only want you if there is a serious desire.

I'll be there in due time.
Yeah I got run down by one of the students. Good.

I would not like being stuck with students who had the money to do this but did not put the desire to put in the 210% to successfully complete and exceed the program’s demands. I like working with a tight group who wish not only get just the minimums to pass but who like push the envelope to get the most of the training provided. Remember you are paying for it. The more you learn here the better prepared you will be when you enter the industry.

For me this is a career change that was not decided on a whim (3+ years) but through careful research and self-evaluation too not only find a correct career I would enjoy doing, but also the right school and curriculum that tailors to me. Remember your career will be the 2nd if not 1st most important relationship in your life. Make sure it is best suited for you and it is something you enjoy doing.

Looks like I will be in JAX in May to finish my PPL first. Then continue on my ACPP in PHX.

I plan to take my PPL written in Feb/Mar then take entire month of April off from work to study and take as many writtens as possible. Then wrap up the rest of the writtens during the PPL program.
I am planning on touring JAX early in February. I am another major career change story at 33. Quit a dreary middle managment job with pay commensurate to start a career that will initially cut my monthly income by 80%.... Applying for financing today, hope to start PPL in Jacksonville asap. I want to thank all of the people on this site for providing excellent research material. First post so I will end it there.
Good luck with the tour and the decision. I am also a late career changer (34 and taking about a 90% pay cut as well).
I used the this site and spent many many hours online to make up my mind. After the tour I knew that ATP was the right choice and sent my deposit in. I start 1 March and am confident that ATP was the correct choice and the best school out there for the $$$.
I'm in a similar boat as you bap . . . I've done a lot of research on flight schools for about 3 years now and I've toured three out of the five "big" or "major" flight schools in Florida. The ones I haven't toured, ATP and Ariben, are at the top of my list, the main reasons being -- age, time, multi and the recs from former students here on jetcareers. An excellent choice, I'm sure. I can only hope to be in the position to make the same one in the near future. Best of luck . . .
I have only been interviewing aviation schools from coast to coast for the past year. But have been researching a different career path than my current one for the past 3 years.

I too will be considered a late timer (age 35) going in, but I don’t feel old. I have had the opportunity to accomplish much in my former career and will port some of those skills to my new career.

Sure like many I will be taking a pay cut. But pay was not high on my list when making a career decision. Think of all the bene’s piloting has to offer. How many people do you know have a window office with a view at 30,000 feet? Free/discounted travel from your employer. Change of scenery. Etc.
Hey guys!

Thought I would jump in on the conversation since I'm in a similar situation as most of you. (Career changer, age 34.)

I'll be starting the ATP career program in South Florida sometime in March. Can't Wait!!!

I already have the PPL and instrument rating which I did at a local FBO (just to make sure flying was for me - IT IS!), but I have no multi time. Looking forward to shooting some approaches in a multi and doing the x-countries.

Good luck to all and hope we cross paths at 35k in the future!
Hi there. I will also be starting the ATP 90 day program, hopefully in March but could be as late as May. I have been researching flight schools/academies for about 3 years now including DCA and RAA . In my opinion, ATP is the better value. I spoke to a recent graduate of the 90 day program yesterday, it was his first day on the job as an instructor. From him finishing the course until he got hired on as an instructor was only 3 days. Sounds a lot better then the weeks and months that I have been hearing about at some of the other "larger" schools.
I just have to finish up my PPL and I'm GONE.
Good luck everyone on their major endevours.
Hi. I have around 30 hours logged at this point. Haven't had any problems thus far and, hopefully, wont have any trying to finish up. The biggest factor has been the weather here in Pa. I haven't been able to get in the air since Dec 29. Either snowing, raining, too windy, too cold, ect, ect,ect. So I can count on, at the very least, paying for the last 2-3 hours over again to get me back up to par. I'm actually thinking about just taking my 30 hours to ATP and starting over with their PPL course.