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Is anyone else having a problem recieving spam on their JC email address. I am recieving about 10-15 spam mails a day to that address and none to my address. Doug is there anything you can do to help prevent the spam. Cheers.
Doug is there anything you can do to help prevent the spam.

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yeah, stop using your email address at porn sites!
I get a lot of those "safe,natural way to enlarge your penis" spam emails. I don't know if my wife told them something, but I'm fed up with the spam. Besides, none of the products seem to work.
I never use my JC email address, it is only posted here. You can also note that Doug and a few others are often on the same spam mail, which either implies we all use our JC email address to look up porn, or it is something else.
Certain email addresses are more prone to spam than others. My lrn2fly address gets 10-15 spams a day. My jedinein address gets few.

It may be because the jedinein address is a known vigilante in getting these spammers shut down. At the domain level, Doug can put in various filters that will eliminate the majority of spam. At the end-user level, y'all should be able to put in filters for various key words that send the email directly to trash.

Post the full header info of a few emails and I will do some searching. Then the domain owner can contact the spammers' domain hosts and complain. I mainly use, but have some other tools that will bust through forged headers.

Jedi Nein
yes anytime you have your email addy listed anywhere on the web it will get picked up and sent to a spammer list.

that is why the emails doug has listed include "remove" it helps somewhat.
YES!! I've been getting ALOT of spam mail on my JC address latley. Up until a few months ago I never received one single spam email(and I've had the address for several years now) and then all of the sudden I get several(or more) per day - seems like it has slacked off a little over the past 2 weeks.

JC email addresses? I may have to hook myself up with one of those.

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I was thinkin that same thing! Is it just our screen name plus or am I missing something. Hopefully dave wasn't being sarcastic, then I look dumb, oh wait, too late.
The guys who have written articles for Jetcareers get a email address. Yes it is generally 'name'
I dont know if it will still work or not, but a few months ago, my friend said he switched to a hotmail address, but when he signed up, he told hotmail, he was somewhere around 8 years old. Had to put in a CC # for parental permission, but he has not recieved any spam yet for some reason....go figure.
I think the problem is with the design of the website.

Three years ago, this website probably got about 500 visitors per day and it's grown exponentially, a lot faster than my knowledge and understanding of the internet because I'm 100% self-taught HTML-wise.

There are programs that scan HTML and look for email addresses, bundle, and then sell it to mass marketers.

Herein lies the rub, I'm working on a redesign that includes a form to email some of the "co-editors" without exposing the email address to spam scanners, but it's being delayed because my computer decided to take a steaming crap on me during a Pensacola layover.

I'm working with Dell tech support and hopefully, it'll be up and running and I can continue with the redesign.

So that's more or less a long, breathy way of saying "I'm a novice and it's mostly my fault! But a solution is on the way!"
More ways to kill spam

Howdy again!

Some of the things to add to the meta list at the top of this site:
<meta name="Keywords" content="wposion, spamnuke">

The spambots read the wposion line and do not harvest emails from the page. The hackers know better. Spambots, and bots, are the jargon for the computer programs that search the net for email addresses. for more details.

Spamnuke was a program that did the same thing as wpoison. Essentially it sends the bots to a series of links pages that just link to more false links pages. Eventually the data harvest becomes to much and crashes the program. Those wannabe spammers, like the Nigerian scams and companies that pay for spam servers, will lose their program and its email address harvest.

Once it is known that this site and the JC domain doesn't tolerate spam, the amount of spam will drop off. The cheap guys lose their harvest, and the expensive guys avoid known anti-spam activists. Serious hackers don't waste their time on sites like this. is run by a former coworker. His site is a graduate education about web security and privacy. For example, anyone running spyware will cause the entire domain to get more spam. Replying to spam and the remove addresses will only cause the email to be added to the CDs sold of "known good emails."

Good luck!

Jedi Nein
ex-Dark Tech
The guys who have written articles for Jetcareers get a email address. Yes it is generally 'name'

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Am I missing something? Iain, where's your article?
. I wrote 2 articles about becoming a pilot in Europe.

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Oops. Sorry Iain. Missed that. Carry on.