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I just read the article about fractionals in this month's Flying Magazine. Sounds like my dream job!
Working for NetJets sounds great. Anyone out there care to comment on them? Once hired are you stuck on a particular plane or will they type rate you on multiple aircraft? I really like how you can end up anywhere in the world when flying for them. Thanks in advance for any replies.
EJA is growing like crazy. I'm a captain for EJA and it's a great place to work. I'm a captain for them. Upgrade time is very quick but the work environment is constently changing. You have to enjoy change but you are allways going to different airports with changing views.

We have a variety of aircraft types which make changing types fun and different.

Things stay pretty busy and now after the attacks flights are way up and owners are lining out the door. United and now i see delta are trying to get into the buisness now too.
Well I don't work for EJA - I fly a Challenger for the sister company in Cincinnati - but EJA's minimums are on their website I think and I know they are on the union website at I believe it's 2,500 total time, 1,500 multi, 1,000 turbine, and 250 instrument - does that sound about right Dunner?

(currently in KSUX)
Yep you're right - I just checked and the times I listed were slightly off. One other thing is that the times are FIRM and you MUST have an ATP.

(home after my 2 days of work this week!)
Yeah that sounds about right. You can pretty much garantee that you'll never see anything less than those mins.

We have contracts with the owners that stipulate they wont be in an airplane with a pilot with less time.

They will hire right at the 2500 min time. I was hired with 2505.
Hey Dunner, I was wondering what is your career background up to the point of hire with those guys? Did you find it hard to break into corporate aviation? I would like to fly corporate but I'm also chewing on cargo.(sounds funny huh?)I would really appreciate your input on getting in.
I worked for a Charter 135 operator for a long time. Breaking into charter is pretty easy breaking into a reputable, honest, safety minded charter/cargo job is the real hard part.

135 is a fickle buisness which everypenny is tight and there are some operators out there that skimp on the important things. Engines, airframe, pay stuff like that.

I was lucky enough to work for a family run 135 buisness which had quite a few planes and the pilots went over to the owners house for dinner a couple of times a week. Our boss was at work before us and left after us it set a good example.

Of course I've worked for operators where my credit card has bounced on the road, i left shortly there after.

Cargo is a different beast, no pax to make the plane look good for so sometimes you have a clown car painted plane.

Be careful out there, but its definetly a different job.


I just saw a segment on Discovery Wings about pilot ops at NetJets. In one segment they discussed pilot training and showed a new Captain doing steep turns in a Cessna Citation X (I think it was the X). I didn't realize that you guys actually go out there and practice maneuvers like this. I thought it was all done in the Sim...

Do they really do this or was this for show?
Actually it is true we do training in the actual aircraft. After you complete your type ride, all pilots are typed in the aircraft whether it's right seat or left seat.

You go out and do your ride or familierization ride. Yeah i know I didn't spell that right. Anyways you go out and fly the airplane. You do a bunch of different approaches steep turns, stalls, and all that jazz.

When you do your captain ride you do the whole thing 6 aproaches and single engine work, stalls, and steep turns, and missed aproaches all in the aircraft. That is to say after you've come back from the simulator session doing all the stuff again.

To say we train is an understatement. Every 6 months your going for training plus a battery of other classes.

Hope this helps.
Hey guys, i worked at Signature Flight support as a lineman at DCA before i was laid off due to the tragic September 11 incodents. i was re assigned to BWI (signature) where one of NetJets lears are based. From what i know about them, they fly real late at night usually to North Carolina. Nice young Friendly pilots but not sure about the cargo. Any Exec Jet guys remember a Asian Lineman at BWI or DCA with the last name "Dude" feel free to say hi!!
Actually EJA doesn't have any lears. EJM might have one or two but they are a completly different company. EJA has the Citation V, XL, 7, X, Hawker 800, 1000, Falcon 2000 and soon to be galaxy.

We don't usually fly late at night, once or twice a month maybe but it's like a 11pm or something like that.

Maybe this will help, sorry about the job but things will get back to normal.
my mistake, i got net jets mixed up with Airnet. haha sorry about that.

Dunner- do you work with EJA-GA or EJA INT?
and what aircraft do you fly?
I work for EJA on the ultra.

There are no Galaxy's at EJA yet. People fly the Galaxy are from a company called avbase which is one of our vendors, they are NOT eja. They are a charter company that bought a Galaxy painted EJA colors and they pick up overflow trips for us. They get a garanteed amount of hours a year and can use the plane for other charter too.

We don't have them on the premises yet and word is they won't have a FA but that changes every day.
Well the galaxy that i saw had a QS tailnumber and corresponding EJA colors. if you say that it is the another company you must be right, you work for them and i dont. but the flight attendent on board had 2 stripes on his shoulder and i asked him "so learning to fly the galaxy huh?" when he replied "umm no i just serve drinks" i swear i tried not to laugh but i had to apologize to the poor guy.
Yeah I gatwayed out of BOS for the summer and let me tell you massport is now truely the most corrupt organization in the world.

They took a ramp that was working fine for GA and corporate then they sell the ramp to American Eagle and let signature keep the building.

So now to go from the plane to the building you have to park, take a 20 minute van ride by understaffed signature drivers. (I know them all and they are brother teamsters) All the way to the main signature pay your fuel bill and ride back 1 hour round trip.

My advice to anyone going into bos go to bed and drive or if you have to go there don't let the van driver leave the airplane till your on the van. If he leaves you he'll forget about you and you'll be like steve martin picking up his rental car in trains, planes, and automobiles.
Heh yeah.

I worked there then, I worked from June through August. It was a mess, a complete mess. At least if Signature had a legitimate facility at North Cargo, where they could pay the bills, make phone calls, take a rest etc, it would be fine. But they had a trailer there with no windows, and nothing else there. I guess now they are back at the original ramp because of 9/11 stuff, and also I guess you have to get wanded, show pilots license and regular license, check license of your pax, get your bags checked. Yeah, KBED is cool, I live right under the downwind leg of runway 29.

Oh yeah, I was a fueler.

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