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I am a private pilot and am working on my instrument. I hope to have my instrument by this summer and would like to go flying!

It has been on my mind for some time now that perhaps I might want to fly to Canada for a day or two! What I'm wondering is what does a GA pilot need for a flight into Canada? Are there certain papers I need? Certain qulaifications? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

It's been a while so this may have changed but you used to have to buy a customs sticker once a year, it was like $50. Can't remember if it was for the US or Canada but you needed it to cross one way or the other. Also, don't go up there unless your aircraft has a white registration certificate, not a pink temporary one. I fly international part 121 a lot and have never been asked for my radio operators permit thingy from years ago but was under the impression it was necessary for international flights.
Gotta have your restricted radio operator's license, insurance certificate, real registration card (white), and the sticker for the year is $25. It's needed to get back into the US, but you can buy it as you go through customs if you don't have it.

Ohyeah, passport or some other form of national ID (birth certificate, etc.) and photo ID if you're national ID doesn't have a photo. I've heard that a pilot's certificate qualifies as national ID, I know a guy who used it, but I wouldn't test that unless all my other options fell out the window while enroute.
Are you guys sure about the restricted radio operator's license? I've been across a few times and have never needed one.... or if I did, at least I didn't get caught!
Yes, it's required. I've never been checked for it either, but you'll be quite screwed if they do check and you don't have it.

Think of it like your pilot certificate. It's required that you have it, but how often have you been asked to present it?
Man, are you telling me I also need a pilot certificate to fly to Canada?
Crap. Guess I better not make that trip anymore!

Make sure you have proof of insurance with you. Also, if the airplane you're flying is not yours (or property of your employer) make sure you have a letter from the owner permitting you to fly the airplane out of the country.

Always call customs ahead of time in both directions ... don't count on "ADCUS" in your flight plan to do the trick. Other than that, it's pretty simple and straightforward, and the Canucks are really nice folks. It's nice up there in the summertime.

You have to phone Canadian Customs and let them know of the port of entry you will land at. You have to report the number of passengers and as well as citizenship, and make declarations over the phone. Once landed, wait for customs to meet you, if you arrive outside their normal operating hours you may be charged a service fee. Number to call customs is 1-888-CAN-PASS.

This site has a good guide for flying into Canada: