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I am looking for a micrsoft flight simulator 2002 0r 2002 pro. I have never used it before, but here they are great. My computer is a little older so I want to stay away from 2004. Just thought I would ask if anyone might have one they want to sell rather than giving my money to someone else. I would rather give it to a fellow pilot. Thanks.
You may not want to rule out FS2004. FS2002 (std. and pro) were very resource intensive (primarily on CPU speed). Although FS2004 includes additional "features", many of them can be turned off.

You may want to still consider FS2004.
I agree. Think about going for 2004 also. I love it. The system specs are neck in neck between both 2004 and 2002 so there really won't be a difference in performance on your pc. However, 2002 is cheaper than 2004. Either way, getting more ram should allow you work with whichever one you choose if the rest of your pc is up to the specs also. Check aorund at EB stores and things like that. They sometimes have used copies of 2002 that you can get for less money.
Thanks for the help. I am watching some on EB. I wasn't aware that I could run 2004. Perhaps I will just give it a try.
I would have to disagree. I own both FS2002 and 2004. In order for the 2004 frame rates to be manageable on my computer, I have to greatly reduce the settings. After it is all said and done, 2002 has much better scenery quality. Right now 2004 is just sitting on a shelf waiting for me to buy a faster computer. Someday!!!
I run 2002 Pro on a P2-266, 128 RAM, with a $40 Wal*Mart Geforce2 generic brand, and frame rates are fine if you turn off dynamic air traffic. I can even run with dense scenery complexity @ 800x600. Frame rates are excellent in IFR (less stuff to render I guess). Virtual cockpit is no good, however (It's lame anyway I think).

My system is extremely lean, however; if you don't stay on top of things you probably have quite a few programs running in the background that you don't know about. My P4-1700, 512 Mb machine at work is slower than my home machine because I do not have the priveleges to remove all the fat. I don't run anything in the backround at home (No firewall (dialup), antivirus (more harm than good in my opionion), quicklaunch stuff, etc...) These need to be cleaned out and turned off to get decent performance out of an old machine.
Than you guys for all the info. It is a lot of help. I am leaning towards the 2004. I will give it a try and see how it works.