Cost for your CFI


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Hey everyone. I'm trying to get my CFI knocked out before the end of summer. I'm doing it Part 61 and I'm curious what the 'general' cost is. I know it's going to vary by FBO and instructor, but I'm just looking for an average. Thanks.
I'll give it a shot... don't have the CFI but I'm working on it so I do have an estimate for myself.

Supposedly the average is something like 50hrs ground and 20hrs flying. My instructor, however, finished his CFI in 16hrs ground and under 10hrs flying, and I'm hoping to do the same.

The key, as I've been told, is to study, study, study, and practice teaching at home. If you go into the training well versed in all things flying you'll progress much faster.

So the answer is that the average 50*35 ground + 20*100 flying complex = 3750.

If you do it concourently with another rating and / or study hard for it you can do it around 20*35 ground + 7*100 flying = 1400, less than half the cost.

The way I look at is I can pay the guy 35/hr so he can spoon feed me the info, or I can do it on my own and show up very prepared and ready to teach. Of course you'll want to talk to your CFI prior to starting so you know exactly what to expect.
Got mine through ERAU, so I'm sure it was inflated.
Thanks SkyGuy, I have the ground school and the written done (have been done for about 6 mo.'s), just need to knock out the flying. Thanks for the info.
There's not much in groundschool. I did my ground and written at FSI before I left. You do a couple lesson plans and presentations and we did a pretty indepth chapter on aerodynamics, but other than that, it was nothing that you can't read and take in on your own. I was just curious what some of you dished out for your time in the plane.
ATP has a CFI program for $4995. Takes 14 days full-time.
You get three ratings: CFI, MEI, CFII.
Prerequisites: writtens done, and Multi-Commercial-Instrument.

If you don't have your Multi yet, it will cost you $1695 for your Multi, and then $5995 for the CFI program (the 5995 give you extra multi time)