Career CFI???


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Are there any professional CFI's on here that would be open to talking about their career? I am looking to speak with someone who is instructing as their goal,not as a time builder. I have two possible career paths I am interested in. Teaching and flying... I am curious if I can make a living doing both at once.
CAREER CFI? Don't know about that. I am enjoying my new (since December) line of work, and I don't consider myself just a time builder. I don't have my sights set on the airlines for various reasons, but some day I think I'll move on to something more. In the meantime, I enjoy my work and take pride in the fact that I train pilots. I also make a confortable living at it. Not getting rich, but paying the bills and not starving.
well shooter,
Even though I am not a CFI I am approaching that venture within the month. I was debating on whether I wanted to do my teaching at a 141 school across the field from where I currently train at or to stay where I am now which is a part 61 school.
A career as a CFI at the 141 school would be unrealistic

and a career at my school would still be unrealistic.

let me tell you why:

#1 reason- only get paid $10/hour and only get paid for flight instruction given. That comes out to about 50 bucks a day if your lucky. (before taxes)

#2- no job security

#3- no retirement or any medical benefits.


# 1 reason: the school might close any day leaving me out of a job.

#2 look at #3 above.

However the only good aspect of being a CFI at my current school(61) is that the CFI's charge 30 - 35/hour for instruction and keep it all for themselves. So you usually take $60-70 per lesson. If you do 3-4 lessons a day thats about 250-300 bucks a day which is very possible and happening at my current school. My current CFII brings home something like $4500/month. But he says he's burnt out every single day. I'd rather take my time and make 2/3's that.
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well it will like anything else take time in the beginning. I became an independent flight Instructor at a local flight club where we have tons of planes and lots of multi engine airplanes and they all work and are in great shape and well equipped. You bascially set your own fees for grnd and flgt time and then go from there. One word of advice...truly learn who and what your student is and wants and how they learn best. Then don't waste their time and money. Keep them on a tight schedule and make them work and teach them well. I taught my students and still do to ATP standards. You will need to set up your own corporation for taxes and liabilities, but the benefits are there. MAKE SURE THAT YOU LOVE TO TEACH and that your students know this! Keep them excited and thrilled and inspire them with self confidence and you will have many happy returning students with others that they reccomend. I am now a corporat pilot and I instruct on my days off. I believe that you can do both, but you really have to have a good business plan and a very good communication level with people and be REAL and not there to make a gizillion $$$$$ If you want t be rich go to med school or something
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