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Looks like an informative site...

Ok Ed, I see all the questions listed, now why don't you post the answers for me to study...
OK, regarding those answers I have an idea. I'm in the early stages of my instrument and would really be interested in these answers... so how about a group virtual global study session? Anyone who wants to participate chooses 10 questions, cuts, pastes, and answers. 10 apiece, that's 14 people. So I'll take the first 10, say due by Friday, March 14? The next person who wants to participate gets 11-20 etc. I'll put up another reply claiming the first 10 and the next person can reply to that taking 11-20 etc. Hope this works
LOL most of the studying is done by something I call 'looking it up'!

I have answered most of the questions... if you want I can scan it and link it to here.
Here's the first page...

If you can even read my ridiculous handwriting, I'll put the rest up tomorrow if you still want em.... but to be honest it would almost be easier to look them up yourself than try to read my chciken scratch!

BTW I didn't answer the ones I already knew which is why some of them are blank.
BTW I thought bad handwriting was the mark of a good pilot!

[/ QUOTE ]

Seems to work for Doctors, so why not pilots as well?
hey are there any sites that could help me in like choosing what to do and where i would find tips, i know JC has a lot of info, but is there a site....
Im not sure what kind of "tips" your looking for, but flight info has some good information...but for your own safety, Al, I might suggest not posting there!
Um.... I signed up like 6 months ago and can't post a single thing for some reason (I'm unauthorized or something...). It's probably for the best but does anyone have any info?