Where are you on Thanksgiving / Christmas?


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Seattle for 25 hrs on Turkey day

Boston on Christmas Day

First holidays away from the family for me since 2004.


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Home in Denver for Thanksgiving, won't know about Christmas for a few days... But I'm not even trying to get it off. It just screws everything else up when I do that.


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Thanksgiving off, due to lucky bidding and Christmas/new years off due to 2 weeks of CBT at Compass. Looking forward to it. I've managed to get the trifecta off my first two years at the airlines, but i get screwed enough on junior reserve to more than make up for it.


Old enough to have watched Wings live on TV.
Thanks Mike, I'm not too worried. Supposedly the company contracts with the hotels to provide us with some kind of holiday meal. I think I'll be in good shape. :)


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On call starting at 4am from home on Turkey Day. I'll be cooking for the company and half the local ER.


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Thought you got Harlingen?!
Nah, got a blank. I was just envisioning my "best case scenario" sitting in either the Harlingen or Odessa hotel, maybe even getting in too late to get the company provided meal and getting a boxed lunch or some sweet vending machine food.

Having spent more than one Christmas on a ship, I am not too terribly worried about it. It is all about the people that you are with. Hopefully I am with a good crew.