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UPS has decied to buy MD-11s. I know MD is gone but is Boeing still making them? Or are they hoping to buy up what is left in the market used? Does anyone know? It seems a bit strange to me.
The MD-11 never really did well as a Passenger aircraft - so I think they are coming ex-pax aircraft.
Boeing no longer make them. The last MD-11 was made in 2001 and was delivered to Lufthansa Cargo.

Pretty much most of the airlines flying pax MD-11's are parking them, and it's very sad since they're such a neat looking aircraft. However, UPS, Fedex, Varig, and World Airways seem to taking them on from those airlines disposing of them. Swiss, KLM, JAL and Thai Airways will have most if not all of their MD-11's parked before the end of next year.
I don't know why but I never really liked the MD-11, but Im sure I would have if I flew on one. I think that airlines are retiring them because better more fuel efficient airliners coming into the market. Also, could the trust factor of the DC-10 have played a roll in the way airlines dislike them? I mean with all the problems they had with the #2 Engine. Thanks
The MD-11 didn't perform as well on the line as McD promised the airlines it would. (Specifically it seriously lacked the advertised range.) It was an okay airplane, but just not what it was promised to be.
Yes, they're not exactly all that fuel efficient. They also had several problems with #2 engine, one being stability issues during flight, another being the extra weight in the rear of the fuslage that the engine added.....those are just what I heard. Also they had some problems with the landing gear......I think....
UPS's MD11's are not new. I think we got them from Varig and JAL. I heard we are starting the MD11 around the world flights on the 17th.
A few of the 747's have already been parked though they are still planning on flying some of them for a few years. Just like the 727. Sorry, I don't have any specifics but the company makes changes to the plan at a I wouldn't believe it even if there was one.
I read an article in some mag at borders the other day, and it said that UPS was going to focus the 747(parking DC-8 and B-727) on domesic markets and the MD-11 would do most of the international.
Do you think it's likely for UPS to order some A380F's like Fedex, or aquire some 744F's in the future? That'd be soo cool if they got some........
The MD-11 had more orders than the 777 when it came out but it could not perform what they had promised without modifications (like AA wanted DFW-NRT which it could not do, not good to make your best customer mad!) so a lot of the orders were canceled. I don't remember specifics but I believe the MD-11 can actuall haul more cargo than the 747 (that might be if it is in pax config?). it is an awesome cargo plane, and actually a good plane all around. Personally I think it is one of the best looking planes out there.

Boeing is making money on changing pax MD-11's to cargo (like AA's to FedEx) and also they have a program called the MD-10 where they put new avionics (two man crew) into DC-10's.
McDonald Douglas prior to it's merger with Boeing was planning a streched version of the MD-11, The MD-12 yeah how orginal. Heard it was gonna fix all of the problems the MD-11 had.

Airlines were very interested but the Douglas board scrapped it because of the manufactur cost. But I heard it was shaping up to be a nice plane.

Furthermore most airlines are getting rid of there MD-11's because it is a 3 engine aircraft and there are 2 engine airplanes that are far more fuel efficient and have a greater range.

I second that UPS should order 747-400 freighters and 777 freighters if there in existance. Fed-Ex should order B-757F.

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McDonald Douglas prior to it's merger with Boeing was planning a streched version of the MD-11, The MD-12 yeah how orginal.

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You mean its not as creative as the B737,757,777, or the 767. Or how about the DC-8, DC-9, or the DC-10. Or the MD-80,MD-88. or how about the Airbus 319, A320, or the 321?

The MD11 has received a 2nd life as a freighter, airlines are very happy with it as a cargo bird. Yes, airlines such as UPS & Gemini are getting the MD11 planes configured for cargo. Lufthansa was one of the few airlines that actually ordered the cargo version, in bulk.

From what I understand, the MD11 can carry more cargo than the 747-100/200.?

I had a chance to visit the Boeing plant 4 years ago & see the last "3" MD11 birds built, amazing how they build planes.
Interesting that the MD-11 "coudn't" operate DFW-NRT, when FedEx currently flies it non-stop from MEM-NRT...

The MD-11 carries more payload than a 777, and that is not counting the fact that the 777 has no cargo floor, so would have a higher BOW if so modified.

No problems with the #2 or landing gear, total nonsense.

The main issue was one of marketing and of a large manufacturer spreading rumors that were a bit negative....
The MD-11 issues I heard about are only what I heard from other people.....who aren't MD-11 Captains. You don't always get trustworthy information you can rely upon from friends, of course. So I'm sorry about the misinformation I wrote there.......
I think FDX is receiving Delta's old MD-11's -- at least as far as I've heard.

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