This is addicting!!


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Aroow keys (left right) and (up down)

The point is to land it, I think.

It's a PTA to do it so far though!


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Up and down do something? No wonder I found it so hard!

I got a 'Note 7' just using the side to side arrow keys

Edit: Up and down still don't seem to do anything


If specified, this will replace the title that
I've wiped out everything but the airport. And, yes, I'm claiming that's due to skill!


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that's german... comeon.. doncha know german???? ok.. i'll give it a shot...

"you are the pilot. with a left and right arrow keys on that keypad, you control the plane"

"address the air-route so that you're altitude is zero on the runway" or something like that......


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Addicting. yes. I got a few 7's, a couple of 8's and one 9. Here is the secret.....
fly over the rw and at the far rw end, circle (right arrow) 2x and on the 2nd circle enter a left xw, dw, base, final. after a few seconds the 8's and 9's will come with no problem.


Yeah me too
Took about 20 tries though

Can't that guy do anything other than a skidding turn
har har