Sully and Skiles on Letterman Lastnight


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Did anyone else whatch this? Good show. Letterman so far has gotten the best interview out of the crew. I was pretty surpises to hear Letterman knowing what he was talking about in regards to aviation.
His first question to them "Which one of you has more hours?"
Sully points at Skiles. Apparently he has a few hundred more than Sully. I found it pretty funny when Letterman asked Sully why Cactus was their callsign. Sully said "Well some airlines use their real names and some dont, this one doesnt" :laff:
All in all it was the best interview with them so far. It was good to see them laughing and joking. I know on the 60 Minute interview someone commented on how cold and emotionaless he seemed. This should cancel that out. Youtube it.
I thought it was much better than the 60 minutes one. The blond FA did a much better job, she seemed much more relaxed with Letterman. I thought that Sullenberg was trying to share the spotlight with Skiles. I liked Lettermans questions much better than Katie's. Plus there was a little humor thrown in. I liked it when he asked the girls if they had ever heard the words,"brace yourself for impact", in any other situation. Or something to that effect.:)
Saw the whole thing on AFN today after work and was glad to see it. I've always preferred the self-deprecating folks who have a sense of humor.
Excellent interview. Sooo much better than "60 Minutes" which seemed so mechanical.
I've missed all the other interviews, Skiles is a pretty funny guy :D

"So at that point, you take over the aircraft, and it's your job to try to restart those engines, is that correct?"

"That's true, I failed."