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Im looking to fly to Savannah international tommorow... I was wondering if anyone knows any good places to eat and cool sites to see or fly over... Im looking to make it back to ATL before dark. Also, Memphis is an option to fly to tommorow... same question.
If you go to Memphis, just staying for the FEDEX rush is amazing!!! And those darn ducks at The Peabody are kinda neat!!
If you go to SAV there is a Days Inn real close. You could walk but they would probably be happy to give you a lift to a restaurant I think called "The Cockpit" it bar none had some of the hottest women I have ever seen. I believe they were all strippers. The Signature guys could point you in the direction of other places as well. My boss's girlfriend owns "Staceys Pizza" not sure if its good or where it is exactly but they might know.

Some attractions in SAV: GULFSTREAM!!!! While I don't think they do public tours there are always some flying in and out, some on the remote ramp near Signature, and some right at the plant. The ANG unit there always has some diff. A/C there as well like last Wed. when I was in the terminal some A-10s were there.
The Mighty 8th Museum is only a couple miles from the airport right on I-95. It is a very well done place I thought. Once again Sig. should be able to give a ride or a car at least.

I've also heard there is a guy in SAV with 2 hangers. 1 has 4 P-51s with their own MATCHING tugs. In the 2 hanger there is like a T-6, an L-19 (I think) and his own Citation X!! Talk about some toys!

It seems everytime I am at SAV there is a BBJ or othere sweet A/C. The SAV airport in my opinion is very well laid out and well managed. Signature might have high prices but I believe they do a good job.

Charleston, SC also has plenty of things to do as well. Let me know if you want some ideas there too as it is my new hometown.
I know the airport isn't too close to downtown, but if you get a chance to go into the downtown section, the whole older part of the city is really pretty. There are 26 squares that remain of the origional layout (some were demolished to make way for new buildings). Also, the warf district along the river is a great place. There are a ton of good resturants and candy/gift places. Also, Savannah has the 2nd biggest St. Patricks day celebration in the country. I know that's not until next week, but I would bet the city is already gearing up. Not to pimp my website (which is hopelessly out of date!) but there are a bunch of pics from my trip down there HERE.

What's there to do in Charleston? My family and I are planning a trip to charleston for spring break. We should arrive in CHS next wednesday afternoon (my mom wants to go to some kind of garden/home show) and make a day trip to Savannah one day while we're there. What are the best FBO's to use? Any good things for "the guys" to do in Charleston while the ladies do the home and garden thing?
You should head out to Patriots Point where the Yorktown and company are stationed. I spent two nights on it when I was in boyscouts and it was one of the coolest trips ever.... great, great floating museum (and awesome gift shop)... Ft. Sumpter (sp?) is good too, just to say that you've been, but there isnt much to it.
If you fly into Memphis, I'd suggest General DeWitt Spain airport. It's downtown, so you're sorta close to Beale Street, and you fly right by the Pyramid.
When in Charleston, you must eat at HYMAN'S. The seafood place. Benn there for 100 years, world famous place. The food is absolutely capital. You must try it. IMHO no visit to Charleston is completely with out eating a meal there.
Dude Hyman's is not the best seafood in town here. I have eaten there 4 times and never really walked away that impressed. To me Hank's Seafood is the best but a little pricey. Good seafood restaurants are a dime a dozen here just take your pick.

Things to do in Charleston: Yorktown Aircraft Carrier at Patriots Point, Ft. Sumter (First shots of Civil War were fired), Walking down King St. druing the day seeing all the FINE WOMEN from the College of Charleston! (You could spend hours doing this), there is nice shopping for the ladies but also some nice mens stores with some good stuff, SC Aquarium (only go though if you are really interested in sealife cause its kinda pricey), The Hunley on display, nice beaches, nice walking and horse & buggy tours downtown, walk from the Waterfront park to the Battery (nice homes and views blah blah blah) and finally my favorite.....some pretty decent bars!!!!
There are other tons of things to do I just might be forgetting them!

The 2 main airports are CHS and JZI (Charleston Exec.) Mercury Air Centers at both and are the only FBOs. PM if you are going into JZI!

Anyother questions PM me or post away!
Savannah is nice ... Signature and Savannah Aviation are the two FBOs. You will need a crew car or rental car to get downtown, as it is a 15 minute drive or so from the airport. Neat historical town to be sure. Only time I was there was a short layover and all I ate was room service, so I defer to the suggestions of my fellow JC-ers.

Charleston is fantastic ... I always use Mercury at CHS ... CHS is a joint civilian-military facility with a lot of miltary traffic, fun to watch. Lowcountry cooking is excellent ... take some of the other suggestions from folks whenever you go there.

If you go to Memphis, don't waste your time going to General Spain ... GO TO MEM!!! It is not as close to downtown, but you can see the FedEx push if you're around at night (and it is worth it) and you can visit the BEST FBO IN THE COUNTRY, hands down, Wilson Air Center. Get a crew car and go to Corky's on Poplar Avenue for some excellent barbecue. If you're overnighting, Wilson has a rate at the Hampton Inn & Suites at Peabody Place downtown. Stay there, walk over to the Peabody to see the "duck march", eat dinner at the Rendezvous (another good barbecue joint) downtown, and walk up and down Beale Street to see all the clubs and sights. Of course, there's also the Mud Island Museum and the Memphis Belle.

Enjoy ... all three are premium destinations on my list ... good sights, good history, good food! And all a reasonable flight from about anywhere in the Southeast.

The last time I was in SAV I got the crew car and went over to an Applebees that was about a 5 min drive from the airport.. Of course if you have enough time go to river street.
Savannah is wonderful.

I recommend the Mighty 8th Museum. They have some really neat planes there! I like it so much I am a life member

Gulfstream would be cool to check out there as well.
Hey man- what kind of plane were you in? We landed in there today at 1130 as Flagship 5896 and departed as Flagship 5803 at 1200....

Was definitely a nice day for flying.