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I know you've said it many times that you won't allow pop-up ads on your site, but today I have gotten a few? I'm not sure if its my IP (AOL) or not. I just figured I'd let you know. If it is my comp or connection, just let me know and I'll gladly take a hammer to it.

Nah, it's probably AOL or you've got some spyware.

I control 100% of the ads with in-house software and I do not allow pop up ads whatsoever.

They pay lots of cash, of course, but the inventor of pop up ads and email 'cybermarketers' deserve a reserved seat in hell!
I just got two popups reading this post, pretty annoying
. Whats the best way to eliminate them.(i have aol)
I don't think it was jetcareers either. I just realized my home page was something I had not set it to. I only thought it might have been because it onlt happened on jetcareers.....ok, so you're the only site I visit.
thanks Doug.
For those of you that have trouble with pop ups, I suggest getting a program called "PopUpCop."

You can download it from CNet.com.
there's another kind of pop up that uses the windows 2000 (maybe xp too?) messaging service. If you go into the services control panel, under administrative tools in the control panel and disable the messenger service, they go away. I used to get them all the time and they don't really have anything to do with the web page that you're on. they're gone now and I'm happy.

They aren't from JC I never have any when I come to this site. What I do sometimes is there are scripts running from random things, personally I sometimes search under .js to find scripts on my comp and then delete ones that say somethin about pop up or whatever. So far that has done little though, i will try the block messenger thing right now though. I dont think that works with XP i just tried and couldn't find it under administrative tools. Thanks anyways.
Go to administrative tools, the click on services; then go to messenger and click stop.

I just tried it; went to airliners.net (king of pop up ads) and it didn't work for me
ahhh well; thanks anyways!
pavelump and skyguyed are correct.

This gets rid of the pop-ups. IN ADDITION, if you are using Microsoft Outlook, then go into the options area and tell it not to use Windows Messenger as well.
Maybe a program you downloaded either intentionally or not is running in the background making all those popups. KaZaA had some SaveNow program embedded in it which kept popping up ads until I uninstalled it.

To check for any adware or spyware, I recommend a program like Adaware, which you can probably find on CNET.

The only other thing I can think of is if you're viewing other web sites while viewing this one, they could be coming from there.

Just my 2¢ (I think that's approximately £ 0.0125737 for Iain), but I don't think Doug would ever subject us to popup torture.