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So my flying partner is thinking about getting an oxygen bottle. Only he doesn't want to spend the $500 for one designed for flying. He wants to get a medical one for $50. Something makes me think that there's a reason the aviation oxygen tank/fittings/etc. is different. Anyone know anything about this subject so I can ram some facts up his....well, anyway...just wanted to see if I could talk some sense into him...


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Aviators Breathing Oxygen, Medical O2, and O2 used for welding/cutting, ARE EXACTLY THE SAME! It's all boiled LOX out of the same tank, with absolutely no moisture of other contaminates.

I know what your CFI said, and the rules clearly state that only ABO may be used in certified aircraft systems. However, there is no longer any difference between the three "types" other than price.

As with 90% of "airworthy" products the only difference is the paper trail.

There is a loophole that several pilots have/are useing to use welding O2 in their airplanes.

AC 65-9A (Airframe And Powerplant Mechanics General Handbook) states

"Only oxygen marked "Aviators Breathing Oxygen" which meets Federal Specification BB-0-925a Grade A or equivalent may be used in aircraft breathing oxygen systems."

Note the key words "or equivalent"

Read the following article

Now, I'm not sure about the difference in aircraft and medical bottles, there may be some difference re: crashworthines there.


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Fantastic info. Thanks for your time. I will be doing a lot of studying with the resources you've given me.


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Just keep in mind that most airlines will not let you use your own O2 bottle, even if it's approved for aviation use. It has to do with liability and maintenance on the bottle. They will let you use an O2 generating machine though.