Might need a clean pair of underwear.....


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check this out. This took place just north of me in Longmont CO. I fly here all the time.... just never fly over the airport for this reason...
I just noticed that you can see the right wing of the slurry bomber pass under him for a second.... crazy
Whoa!!! "Shave and a haircut, two bits"! Talk about a close shave! Glad the timing and spacing wasn't off a little more. Gotta watch that one again.
I read an NTSB report one time about a skydiver who hit the tail of a Cessna and SURVIVED (don't ask me how). Meanwhile, the Cessna crashed after the tail was completely ripped off. Talk about a slap in the face.
My instructor told me about a time he was with a student and they were landing at Byron CA, where they do some parachute jumping and as he was getting close to the vicinty of the airport tuned to the CTAF and just caght the last half of what he thought was the word minutes. (for those of you that don't know, the pilots are supposed to announce when the jumpers are going before they do, such as "jumpers in ten minutes...jumpers in five minutes..jumpers in one min," etc), they continued and he asked for a repeat of the last call for Byron, suspecting there might be jumpers. He heard nothing. He tried again several times and heard nothing. Finally decided it wasn't a factor and continued, but at the last min decided to remain clear of the area just in case. Sure enough, the canopies popped open, right about the time he would have been in the pattern.