Looking for a job in AZ!!??


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Hey everyone- I just got back from the basic training, and tech school for the guard- and I'm kind of out of a job
just wondering if anyone new of anything out there besides flight instruction in the arizona area- i.e. banner towing, jumpers, glider towing, etc- I've got around 750 hrs, with 75 multi. I don't care what I do- I just want to fly! If anyone has heard of anything, I'd love to hear it- or mayber somewhere where I could look for these jobs. Thanks in advance
It's a pretty rough field here in AZ/PHX. Why? Because everyone here is a pilot. Seriously, next time you drive down the street I'll bet you see at least one AOPA sticker. But, Buckeye flys jumpers and so does Coolidge. Elloy wants at least 1,000 hrs and isn't hiring. Most everyone instructs around here simply because it's about all you can find. There are just too many pilots. Blah.
I'll have to second that there a lot of pilots here in AZ. I just moved to the Phoenix area, and applied many different places for a CFI job, and have had no luck. There are a lot of CFI that are waiting to go to the regionals, and once that starts to happen I think there should be some openings.