Logged my first multi-turbine... ON MY B-DAY!


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Thanks everyone! It was quite the whirlwind... got a call on Weds eve at 6pm asking if I was interested in a trip on the 27th (my b-day) with a 10a ETD, and returning Friday at 5p. I cancelled all of my meetings for the day, and my planned b-day celebration for that night, and went on a 31 hour job interview.

LOVE the Merlin. Big, roomy, fast, quiet, holds a lot of gas, and goes a long way. Great airplane. We meet tomorrow to "talk about what comes next". Whatever that means... Expecting great things.


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There IS NO good outcome with talking to the media. Ever.
except for the people you work with, who you have to get a case of beverage for because you showed up on TV or in the paper, etc. :)