Lightspeed Sierra?


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I'm in the market for a new headset. I've been using the Bose Aviation X Headset for years now, and its age is starting to show. As much as I would love the A20, its a bit out of my price range. I was looking at the Lightspeed Sierra today and would love some opinions on the product.



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While we normally like to hang back in forums and only answer direct questions. The Sierras are a great headset but, I couldn't let you miss out on a possible opportunity. Since you are already talking about spending $600 on the Sierras, there is an option to trade in your Bose X and get a Zulu.2 for the same $600 price. A lot of people still don't know about our Trade-Up Program. Buy new, trade-up, refurbish your old pair, or just keep it as a spare....that's up to you to decide.

Good luck in your purchasing and feel free to ask any questions if you have any.

- Luke


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The trade up program is great but you would get better $$$ for your X on eBay. Zulu2 beats the X hands down but the X beats the Sierra.

My opinion of the current headsets
A20 > Zulu 2 > Zulu > X

This is coming from a Lightspeed fanboy. 2500 hours on my Zulu in the worst climates on earth and still going. The customer service can't be beat.

Crossing my fingers they are working on beating the A20.


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Absolutely love my friggin Zulu... Lightspeed has been nothing short of excellent. Actually, my battery exploded inside my headset and messed up the battery box a bit, Lightspeed said they'd fix it free of charge, I just need to find someone's headset to borrow for a few weeks before I send it in to get fixed. Basically, they're the best company ever, and the Zulu is amazing. Not sure how the Sierra compares.