jfk hotel rooms


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I am looking for the best day room rates for crews at jfk. If anyone has any info please let me know. Thank you for your help and mods if this is not the appropriate spot to place this please feel free to move.
Sorry about missing your call.

But cheap around JFK is pretty hard to find.

Is she flying rev or non-rev? If she's flying rev, it's certainly worth it to pick up a Crown Room day pass if she's flying Delta. Showers, a full bar, snacks in the afternoon and comfy chairs to nap in.
unfortunately she is traveling with her team and is meeting them in jfk. i do believe she is taking aa to lhr. i was going to meet her down there and see if i could get the room at a crew rate and let her sleep.
it is! :) they have some tourney in england in may. unfortunately with my coveted tue and wed off i will be unable to attend.
What days will she be in JFK? I want to wish her team good luck on the way to England...
i think it is may 17 or 18. somewhere around that time period. believe me you and me both! im going out there in two weeks to go "visit" you up to join?
I know of the Rockville Center Inn and they have a free shuttle. I don't know about it being cheap but maybe worth looking into.