Jetcareers is now on a dedicated server!


A dedicated server normally means that it's a computer that hosts only one domain (, OR is only a webserver -- doesn't have services like ssh, mail, ftp, etc... Doug could clarify which is the case
Well, the entire website sits on a single machine on a rack at Hostway. It should improve speeds, decrease bandwidth overage charges and give me the ability to reliably grow the website.
Woot! Only thing better than speed is more speed.

Systems Operator, I love the Arcata-Eureka airport. Either your approach or departure leg takes you right over the ocean. You guys probably have tons of airports like that, but it's quite a treat for us landlocked guys!
Totally! That's one of the reasons that I can't convince myself to move away from the west, the glossy Pacific, to the east, the carpet of the Mighty Redwoods. Plus, the class E/G airspace is abundant! So no talking is necessary, just flying, which I like. Awosome coastal fog here as well, which is *one* of the reasons I'm going for my IR.