Jetcareers is now on a dedicated server!


A dedicated server normally means that it's a computer that hosts only one domain (, OR is only a webserver -- doesn't have services like ssh, mail, ftp, etc... Doug could clarify which is the case


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Well, the entire website sits on a single machine on a rack at Hostway. It should improve speeds, decrease bandwidth overage charges and give me the ability to reliably grow the website.


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Woot! Only thing better than speed is more speed.

Systems Operator, I love the Arcata-Eureka airport. Either your approach or departure leg takes you right over the ocean. You guys probably have tons of airports like that, but it's quite a treat for us landlocked guys!
Totally! That's one of the reasons that I can't convince myself to move away from the west, the glossy Pacific, to the east, the carpet of the Mighty Redwoods. Plus, the class E/G airspace is abundant! So no talking is necessary, just flying, which I like. Awosome coastal fog here as well, which is *one* of the reasons I'm going for my IR.