I'm enrolled with ATP!


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I\'m enrolled with ATP!

Hey all. This is my first post to the jetcareers.com forum. I enrolled in the ACPP program on Tuesday! I am a 29 year old college student about to graduate in May with a bachelor's degree in History. After i decided to become an airline pilot, I researched the usual batch of schools, but only when i found the jetcareers forum did I get the direction and feedback i needed. (Thanks Doug for such a terrific and helpful site!) I want you all to know that this forum played a crucial role in my selection of ATP for my flight training. I am convinced I made the right decision. I love the school's philosophy. It's right on and just what I need. I'm especially looking forward to the twin-engine cross-country!

My enrollment process went really well. Everyone i talked to at ATP was sharp, friendly, and professional. Really impressive.

I start the PPL course on June 2nd. My short term goal, after earning my tickets, is to build hours island hopping in the Caribbean. My long term goal is flying jets internationally, preferably based in Europe or New Zealand.

Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences with ATP. Again, you were a big help in making an important decision. I look forward to getting to know you ATP students and grads over the coming months.


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Welcome aboard ATP. I start the ppl class on April 7th. Robair starts in June. So you should talk to him. I dont know if I am going to stay in JAX for the ACP program. I am thinking about Atlanta. But anyways, maybe we'll meet someday. And the advice that everyone gives around here is to get your writtens done before you get there. I got my private out the way, now I am going to study for my commercial.

good luck.

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Hey all. I am a licensed Private Pilot with just under 50 hours TT, but I saw that ATP wants 85 plus 25 PIC XC for the ACP class. Can they help me finish get those requriements, or would they make me go elsewhere. Thanks!
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Jetjak, good for you. We'll be going through the PPL together. I start in June as well. Get as many of those writtens done as you can. I just took my FOI yesterday and have the CFI left before I go. I'm leaving the IGI and Inst. rating for when I get down there and am introduced to it to make a little easier on myself. From speaking to the instructors at JAX and at Trenton where I take the writtens, you've made the right decision. I've only heard great things about the program. Be prepared to do alot of flying and alot of studying. It's gonna be awesome.

jbpilot, call 1-800-all-atps and see what they say. I'm not sure if they help you finish up to meet the 85 hour requirement.
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I recently enrolled with ATP as well, and I'm starting in Phoenix in about 2 weeks. Currently working on my writtens, getting my last couple of hours to satisfy their 85 hour minimum and this afternoon I've got my 1st class medical exam. I think there is one other student starting in Phoenix the same day I am, and I understand that we'll be a team.
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Hey there JetJak,

I am starting June 2nd as well with the PPL course. It looks like there are three of us in this forum that are starting on that date together. I couldn't agree with you more about this forum. It really helped solidify my decision and the people at ATP have been very helpful in anyway possible so far.

I guess I will see you and Robair in about two months. I can't wait!

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Dan, Jak, and Rob, all bed buddies. I wonder if we'll be in the same apartment. deder, how many of those writtens have you done?
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Dan, Jak, and Rob, all bed buddies.

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WAY TMI!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey Rob,

I'm still in the process of finishing the videos for the private written. I've been really busy with my last semester of school with a couple of term projects, so I haven't had as much time as I would like to watch the videos and study. I hoping to get the private written done before I graduate, then during the month I have off do at least two more of the writtens. What order does everyone suggest I should do the writtens in after the private?
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jbpilot- I was short on my X-country PIC time too, and they rented me a 172 for $50 an hour to get caught up. $50/hr is dirt cheap for a GPS equiped Skyhawk, so give 'em a call and see what they say.
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I suggest taking the Instrument (IRA) and Instrument Instructor (FII) writtens next. Both knowledge tests come from the same question databank, and taking care of both at the same time makes most sense.
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Nice to meet a fellow "June" student! My actual name is Jeff Kiess. Again, I'm 29 years old. I'm a little concerned about getting those writtens done before the program begins. I'm in my last semester of college and I have two papers of 10 pages or more due before May 15. That's a lot of reading, plus I have a bunch of smaller papers and finals as well. I graduate May 16 and so i'll have roughly two weeks with which to study, take the writtens, and drive down from Mass. to JAX! Perhaps I should just concentrate on the PP and Instrument writtens since that will prob be more than enough given the time. What do you think? I already know a good deal from lots of reading and having logged many hours in MS Flightsim. Does ATP send the study videos I've been reading about in the prep-box?

BTW- i noticed your ID ends with 73 like mine. Is that the year you were born? Was for me. Back in the Nixon days...

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Eroll mentioned you when i was on the phone with him. Prob will be rooming together with Robair. Looks like you have less of a drive than me. I'm coming from Massachusetts! Talk about cross-country...Have you started any prep studying?

Yep, I'm excited too!

-Jeff (jetjak73)
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Deder, In my recent experience, get the PPL written done first. That is of course required before you start the PPL course.
Do the FOI next. I read through the Gleim book in one night(about 3 hours while reviewing the questions), studied over the questions about three times the next day, and took the test the next. The test took me less than 13 minutes to complete and I scored 100. It's the easiest test, so get it out of the way.
I wouldn't tackle the instrument test like someone suggested. It has alot of verbage that you and I aren't too familiar with and will take more effort to get through. We'll have time during the PPL course to go through that once we pass our checkride and are introduced to instrument flying after the first month. The Instrument rating and the CFII are from the same question pool, so you can take both of the test together. I have the King cd-rom course, so I'll help you out with that there.
After the FOI, do the commercial(CAX). It is based on alot of the same info as the PPL, just different questions. The weights and balance questions, X-country questions, radio navigation, and FAR's questions are most different. The calculation questions are worded differently and require you to work through them a little differently than the PPL. Once you learn how to work through them, it's cake.
This will set you up for the CFI(FIA), which is very similar to the CAX. I haven't started on that yet, but was told it's similar.
Again, I would hold off on the Instrument until we get there, and do as many of the others before you start.
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I have the private king videos and have briefly watched all six (videos) of them while I worked on other things. I actually have sat down and watched and studied two and a half. They are pretty easy to follow.

What school are you going to up there in MA? I can't believe you graduate so late. My last exam from the University of Florida is April 28, with graduation on May 3rd so that should give me enough time to get some writtens done. It's only an hour and a half drive from UF to ATP in Jax, but is about four and a half hours from my hometown of Sarasota. I helped my sister move up to Boston a couple of years ago. That drive sure is a bear. My sister lives in Boston right now and is in school at Mass. General Hospital.

I wonder if there will be a fourth person starting with us? I just turned 22 by the way, so hopefully you guys won't pick on me too much for being the young one!!

Where are you guys going to do the rest of the ACPP once your done with the Private section? I'll be staying in Jax the whole time.

Oh yeah, Appl thanks for the advice with the writtens. I will keep that in mind when i go on to my other writtens after the private.

Take care Jeff and keep in touch.

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Wow, thanks for all of the info. That will really help in the longrun. The sequence and reasoning behind the order that the tests should be taken makes sense. Do you know of any cheap places I can get the King or Sporty's Videos? I was thinking of Ebay, but I want to try and get the most recent videos as possible.

Again, thanks for the info on the tests and take care.

Keep in touch,
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What's up Jeff. The 73 is from the number I use in hockey. Corny, but who cares. I'm almost 25, will be when I start at ATP.
ATP does not send the videos with the box of books. You have to acquire them by your own means. Either browse E-bay to get them cheap or rent them. Someone has posted on hear where to rent them. I know if you check out the CFI Corner forum under my post about CFI king videos, you can find it there as a matter of fact.
Also, read my post about taking the Inst. rating before you go. With the little time you have to study, you'll never get through it in time.
Do you only have two weeks to study for your PPL or are you getting some studying in with your busy schedule? If you only have two weeks, you may only be able to get the PPL done and the FOI at most. Good luck to ya.