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My question is what are the steps to getting a private pilots license. And I was also wondering about the student pilot license. I read that the student license is just a part of the medical certificate and you get that when u get ur medical certificate and all it really means is that u can fly solo(with an endorsement). So do i just go to one of the FAA medical people in my area and they give me a certain physical and then they hand me a student pilots license and a medical. Then I take that to an instructor and we do some(35-60 hours) flying and then theres a oral and flight test and I get my license. I know theres a lot more than just flying, like cross country, emergencies, ground school and all that other stuff. But is that all there is. Does anyone else here live in oklahoma city that could point me in the right direction as far as a good instructor and a good medical guy. I also have high blood pressure would that be a problem with the medical.

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If you go to, you can print out a certificate for an introductory lesson for $49.00. The site should list participating schools in your area. The flight school you go to should be able to answer most of your questions.

If you go to, there is a link to find aviation medical examiners. This is who you get your 'student pilot's license' from. If you have high blood pressure, you should go to an AME as soon as possible. It can sometimes take awhile to get a medical if you have some health problems, but most people can get a medical.


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I had to go get a new student certificate, bc I stretched my training out over two years and the "student" portion of my certificate expired, even though I still had a year on my medical. Had to go to the Atlanta FSDO, and that was a royal pain.


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I had to do the same Mastermags. It took me close to an hour to get signed off at FSDO while they questioned me about safety. LOL.


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You can also goto and enter your zipcode to find and AME in your area. If you are thinking at all about going beyond just a Private license and make a career out of aviation, think about getting a 1st class medical. Especially seeing as you already have the high BP. Better now to pay a bit more for a medical vs. dropping lots of $$$ and then not being able to pass the medical you'll eventully need to carry. Either way, Best of luck to you !!


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I currently have a 2nd class medical/student pilot certificate that I got when I was flying at an FBO in New Orleans, Now I'm gearing up to go to ATP in March and they require a 1st class medical.I have not yet received my ppl. Do I need to go to an FSDO or can I just go get the 1st class medical from the examiner and use it as my new student pilot certificate?