finding a good flight school that has financial aid


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hey guys i was wondering if anyone had any info on a good
flight school that has decent financial aid options.i have checked with sierra academy and they stoped most of there
pell grants and cal grants and alot of the rest of them,the only
thing they have left is the Key Loan and i really dont want to
use that.Pan am Internationl flight academy doesnt really have
a dept like that anymore.Does anyone who has checked out
the schools have any helpful information it would be greatly
appreciated. Ray.
Your problem is going to be that regardless of the fact that the a school MAY or MAY NOT offer federal stafford loans, or grants, that money WILL NOT cover the cost of your tution, only supplement it, which is where the private loans come into play.

If your looking into flying as a career and dont like the idea of private loans, then I'd suggest going to a college that has a flight program such as Embry Riddle, San Jose State, and UND, etc as your program is spread out over a longer period of time, the amount you need at any given time is ALOT less then what you would need in a more accelerated flight academy like Sierra, Pan Am or FSI.

As for the Sierra grants, the last I heard they are still offered, although I havent talked to anyone in finicial aid in about a month so I could be wrong, but I could check into it.