Any good flight school recommended around KHWO ?


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Hello :0 I’m currently on a F-1 visa with a ‘pretty busy’ flight school, which I’ve been doing my private for almost a year ... ( I took some vacation of course ) now I’ve done my written, got my hours, everything ready for my check ride, but still having these feelings like they just simply don’t want to help me finishing it ... (can skip to the last paragraph if you’re not interested in my story)

So I decided to look for another flight school around this area, since I no longer think they deserve to keep me there paying and waiting anymore.

I’m looking for a flight school to obtain my Instrument rating and CPL (also time building), looked at PTC and 424, does anyone have any experience with these schools ? Or any other recommendations ? Thank you :D


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I've heard good things about Wayman. I've a friend at PTC Miami. PTC is good but don't expect that frequent flying. PM me if you want to ask anything.