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What is the difference between a FAR and an AIM? Why does it seem that there are 2 sets of rules? Is it critical that all pilots know them both inside and out?
the AIM isn't a rule book so much, it has many suggestions and reccomendatios.

the FARS are the actual laws regarding aviation.

that by the way is why the AIM is easier to read, less lawyeristic. grin
FAR's are regulations, the AIM is information.

Is it critical that all pilots know them both inside and out?

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Not necessarily inside and out, but the parts that apply to the type of flying you do- yes, I'd say so. You can never know too much! The AIM is a good read for the middle of winter when there's nothing else to do (if you live in the cold climates, that is). I've read it cover-to-cover twice (damn NY winters!)
Damn EatSleep! I need to move to NY!!

Although the Texas summers have the same effect on my desire to spend time outside...

Viper, a lot of the FAR stuff won't apply to you for a while to come, but the parts that it would be good to get familiar with are FAR Parts 1, 61, 91, and perhaps 141 if you plan to attend a 141 school.

The AIM is all good stuff, cover to cover. I got a kick out of 7-6-4
my desire to be outside has been squelched by hours of CFI work in C-172's here in Redding CA, where for the past week each afternoon has been above 100F
my fav student is a Diamond Ecplipse student.. we meet and fly at 6:30 AM.