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I had my final flight at FlightSafety Academy yesterday, as I aced my CFI checkride! (I will pause momentarily as those of you who do not know me check yesterday’s schedule to figure out who I am). It is very “bittersweet” as they say, because while I’m happy to be moving on, I have enjoyed my time here and will miss many of the people I have met along the way. Certainly I will keep in touch with many of the people who had a big impact on my training, but it’s the support staff that made little differences in my daily routine that I will miss. Now, I’m reluctant to use people’s names without their permission on the internet, & in some cases I guess I never really did get to know some of these people by a first name basis anyway, but for a little recognition, here goes:

- The entire administrative staff, thank you. It is said that it is money that makes airplanes fly, & from the financial aid office where the money comes in, to the accounting office where the money goes out, these were superbly professional dedicated people. The ladies in the ACO office are always a joy to visit with, & I owe them a lot of chocolate!
- The café employees. A lot of people, myself included, gripe about the high cost of flight training. But the best bargain on the FlightSafety campus is the café, good food at a cheap price served by extremely friendly & courteous people.
- The ladies in the pilot shop, sure they’re taking your money, but they are extremely helpful & sincere. It almost makes the FlightSafety ‘markup’ seem like a bargain!
- The dispatchers. Now by the nature of our regular interaction, I do know all of these people on a first name basis. I believe there is a phrase that goes something like “he who controls the riches rules the kingdom.” Well, they control the riches (airplanes) & therefore are the de facto “rulers” of FlightSafety. You don’t believe me? Try to get an Arrow this week. While they can be an ornery & cantankerous lot, (especially when the fleet is booked solid, you’re late picking up your plane, & you’re pleading for an extension) if you treat them nicely they will bend over backwards to accommodate your needs. To all of them thank you, & to one in particular, have a ‘good’ day.

Alright, this has gone on long enough, it’s starting to sound like an acceptance speech at an awards show (& I hate award shows). So I’ll wrap this up. To all of you JetCareers regulars (which I know includes some of the honchos at FSA who read this board), it’s been fun & if you need a CFI I know a pretty good one.

...taking the active for a Southwest departure...
Fair winds, 'naut (still not gonna giveaway the name)....

It's been fun hanging around with you and your family...

Good luck on your next few steps in aviation and, of course, in reaching that ultimate goal! (for those in the "ain't" a 777)

Keep in touch,

Though I never met you during my time here in Vero, I have heard good things about you from a friend of yours. Good Luck in your flying career and if you find a CFI job, let us know so we know there is hope. Good Luck 'Naut!
Hey 'naut . . I am glad I got to meet you in person, only wish I had to opportunity to do so earlier. I learned a lot about FSA from reading your posts. Good Luck, and keep us informed.