Comair to Cease Operations Sept 29


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Comair to cease operations
July 27, 2012

As Delta continues to move forward with previously announced plans to increase mainline and two-class regional jet flying, while significantly reducing 50-seat regional jets, Delta announced on Friday that Comair will cease operations after Sept. 29, 2012.

There will be no disruption to customers and no significant adjustments to Delta’s flight schedule or locations served. There will be no impact to Delta’s ACS station team, CVG Res Call Center, or pilot, flight attendant and maintenance bases.

“Comair was one of the original members of the Delta Connection service and brought the regional jet to the Delta Connection program when I was employed there more than 20 years ago,” said Don Bornhorst, s.v.p.- Delta Connection, in a memo to Delta’s Officers and Directors. “Comair has provided exceptional innovation and customer service to Delta over the years. However, due to the economic and competitive realities of our industry, the age and size of Comair’s fleet and the higher unit costs of its flying, Comair’s operations are no longer sustainable in this environment. This is regrettable for me at both a personal and professional level, but it does not take away from the proud legacy of Comair.”

The decision comes following Delta’s recent announcement regarding its plans to reduce the number of 50-seat regional jets from nearly 350 aircraft to 125 or fewer in the upcoming years.

Cincinnatiwill continue to be an important market in Delta’s worldwide network. Cincinnati is now a profitable market for Delta and the city continues to enjoy over 120 peak daily flights, with non-stop service to 49 destinations. No reductions in the number of Delta flights are planned at Cincinnati as a result of this decision.

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Being wholly owned means.... not very much, akshully.

My sympathies to all the front-line folks from there.


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Sorry to hear. I couldn't imagine being demoted to FO after 14 years or being on reserve for 7 years then getting canned. Sad story!


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This is sad news. At the same time though I'm not sure what would have been worse...being dragged along for so long with an uncertain future-or finally getting closure and knowing whats over the hill


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I was there from November 2002 to November 2004. Nice place to hang my hat after my USAir furlough. They treated me well and I met some really great people. My condolences to all of those who will be losing their jobs. It is sad when you put your faith and your loyalty in an employer only to have them stomp all over it.


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My thoughts and prayers go out to the people losing their jobs! Good luck to all the crews. Although I'd say there will be very few that startover in the 121 world unless its for a larger carrier.


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So when do the Comair pilots pick up there new Delta employee badges?

My thoughts exactly...

"No impact to Pilot or FA bases...just the ones that include Comair folks."

What a shame. I remember when I first got interested in the industry that Comair was the place to be.


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To All Comair Employees
From Ryan Gumm, President
Subject Comair to Cease Operations
Date July 27, 2012


Today, I am writing to let you know that Delta has made the difficult decision to cease Comair's operations after September 29, 2012.

Delta recently announced its intent to reduce the overall number of 50-seat regional jets in its network from nearly 350 to 125 or fewer in light of the significant changes in the economic and competitive conditions in the airline industry. We believed this announcement would have a negative impact on Comair because we operate some of the oldest 50-seat aircraft in the Delta Connection fleet, which also have the highest unit cost per flight hour. And, in fact, Delta has decided to remove the remaining 16 Comair 50-seaters from the Delta network, leaving Comair with only 28 aircraft in scheduled service. This further reduction of Comair's active fleet will only create higher unit costs, which equates to a business model that is no longer sustainable in this competitive regional environment.

I understand that today's news is very difficult and raises many questions for you and your family. Human Resources is prepared to directly assist you during this time. They will post a memo and other documents on the Human Resources Epic page to keep you informed of the assistance available and to help answer many of your questions. We will also have staff available over the weekend to answer questions if needed. If after reviewing the information on Epic you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your departmental leadership as well.

The discontinuation of Comair's operations is in no way a failure or a reflection of your work - it is an unfortunate necessity due to the economic limitations of our aging aircraft, cost structure, the long-term outlook for 50-seat aircraft, and our challenging industry and economy. The quality of our operations has continued to be outstanding during our lengthy restructuring efforts, and I am honored to have had the opportunity to lead such a committed team. I am asking that each of you recognize the importance of remaining focused on safety and the job at hand as we continue operations throughout the wind-down period. Your continued commitment and your dedication to a safe and reliable operation is a testament to the professional team we have built here at Comair.

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Totally sucks, as a regional guy coming up in the game (on the way to a major hopefully) I have never been furloughed or had this happen to any of the companies I worked for. Fortunately, there is still some hiring going on out there hopefully the guys that choose to say in the industry can get in with Spirit, Fedex, Unical or JB (if they hire later this year)... Best of luck to those affected.

Also the article says the company is still operating 28 aircraft until termination on on 9/29. Who is picking up those routes after that?


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I am going to keep saying follow Comair any time ATC points out a DCI plane that ends in CA.

And I'll be a Compass guy wearing one of my old Comair lanyards

Are there are few Skywest planes that have retained the CA from strike time though?