You can not install the Language pack and be OK.... The video is the important thing, and no, there's no Japanese on it...

Still won't work.
I clicked cancel, get the screen that shows the video and some Jap on the side, but clicking play doesn't do anything. Maybe it is something wrong with my computer.
ARe you on a Dial-Up?

If you are, you might have to wait a while for the video to load. Worth it though. The video is a time laspe film of the construction of a 777 from start to finish. Takes about 5 minutes...

Ahhh, I just needed to give it a few more seconds. It didn't look like it was loading anything so that's why I closed. That was pretty cool, especially the painting.

(BTW-No not on dial up. I'd never keep up with my message boards if I had to deal with dial up. LOL)
That was nice. Two things: nice music, and who do I talk to in order to drive one of those kickin' cranes?!