Atlanta or Jacksonville?


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Can anyone tell me which airport ATP is at in Atlanta and which place you would recommend for the career program. Does anyone know if they use the new seminoles at the Atlanta location? And what about Jax?

ATP has 8 locations for the Airline Career Pilot program. All of them are really good. Dallas and Washington both primarily use the new Seminoles. I trained in Dallas and therefore I have a biased need to go to Dallas. LOL. Good luck!

Right now I'm undecided when I'll actually start but most likely in the month of june or july since graduation is in may. Keep me updated though if you do happen to start a little later because I have a feeling I'll end up in Jax also.

i graduate may 14th. therefore i will probably start in late may. like around the twenty fifth or something like that. i think you can start the program any monday of the year. so i will most likely start the last monday of may or the first monday of june. let me know what you plan to do
heck no man! i have been waiting to start flying for over two years now and it is killing me. i got my private about two years ago and haven't really been able to do much flying since then. i have to sit here in auburn and watch everyone else fly there butts off will all i have to do is work, study, and play a little x-box from time to time.

i will probably be getting married around the same time i graduate in may. so the way i plan for things to work is like so: graduate, wedding, one week honeymoon, then atp... i figure if i graduate the forteenth, the i will probably start the program around the very end of may or first of june.

needless to say, i cant wait to start flying!!!!!!!!!!