Alaska Central Express 1900 Damaged/Destroyed in SE?


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I heard there was an ACE plane down or something in Yakutat? Any other Alaskans know about this? Can't find it on the news anywhere.
Either it has not been reported yet.....OR my flight instructor was hallucinating.
not yet, I know the details but I don't feel like its a good idea to say anything, I still know all those guys. The NTSB will have details later if it comes to that, but it doesn't seem like a big deal at all, the only thing that matters is that the crew is fine.
That very airplane was bringing our mail, and I am waiting on a FAA medical letter, so I was watching them on flightaware and watching the weather online. Looked like Yak last monday had epic amounts of snow on the ground followed by copious amounts of rain coupled with LIFR.

Here at 7KA, a little ways away, where conditions may be somewhat similar to Yak, we just had 4.2 inches of rain in 48 hours and what snow there was is now ice with a bunch of water on top. This weather is not making for good runway braking conditions anywhere east of the Kenai.
Prag, weren't you flying for servant?
Hopefully the B190 Capt, won't be hung out to dry, cause ACE like many companies care less about them than their cargo.
Yep, I flew for servant last summer, they were a great place to work, but didn't pay that much, and I was gone all the time so I came back to anchorage, where I wasn't really comfortable with the type of flying they were doing, so I went on to spernak. Who are you with?