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Well, I know it's not like passing a checkride, but I just found out that I can actually get a PPL since I just got word that the FAA has issued me my medical certificate.

And only 30 days short of the 1 year mark.

Now I really get to start my training. No more flying once a month.

Just wanted to share.


Congrats man! That is great news!!!
Hey, battling the FAA for a year has got to be tougher than taking a ride.

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Good god I hope so.

If my checkride goes like my medical went I'll need to be flying one of those new 172's that can refuel inflight.

Thanks guys for your kind words.

This place has been a constant source of encouragement and motivation.

Went flying last night, and it was a great feeling knowing that this lesson actually counted for something. Without my medical I was never sure if I had taken a lesson or just gone on a glorified sightseeing flight. Going again tomorrow which is awesome for me. I've never flown twice in the same week.

Now the fun part for a new ANR headset (my wife gets my current one).

Thanks again guys.